Disrespect Towards Staff

I'll make this short and sweet: disrespecting any Z8Games staff, including moderators, will not be tolerated on this forum. Everyone has been picking on Ladyshy today and frankly I'm tired of having to discipline you people. That being said, anyone that is disrespectful towards staff will receive an infraction. After three infractions your forum account will be banned.


  • FYI

    Harassment on these forums is not only considered against the rules of the forums but also against the rules of the site and the games your playing through our portal. Action may be taken against your player account as well as your forum account.
  • This doesn't matter if they treated your poorly on the forums. You do not need to try and make them look horrible by making topic's on them, Keep it private. If they have given you an infraction that you feel you should have not recieved or are being a complete arse to you. Please contact their forum manager..

    Crossfire: [GM]Saidin

    Metin2: [GM]Arthur
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