The Wolf of Walls & Streets: Aug 24 - Sep 4

edited September 6 in Previous Announcements

Attention Mercenaries,

The new Tagged 2 Crate is only for those who like to leave their remarkable signature in the battlefield!

Tagged 2 Crate is coming to the Black Market between August 24th and September 4th with its weapons listed as below:  

🐺 AK-47-Tagged

🐺 M14EBR-Tagged

🐺 AWM-Tagged

🐺 Desert Eagle-Tagged

🐺 B.C Axe-Tagged

Need more Graffiti weapons? Don't miss the previous Tagged Crate
with its awesome weapons!

Your reputation will precede you with the [NC] Tagged namecard along with Grenade-Tagged! Get them now by completing the entire collection.

Paint The Battlefield!

CrossFire Team.


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