VIP Area: First Class: August 1 - 7

Attention Mercenaries,

Welcome to the VIP Area! Indulge yourself with the First Class and experience true luxury with exclusive deals & free limited VIP!

From August 1st to August 7th, all VIP Owners will have the chance to enjoy a special offer in our CF Shop HERE.

You will claim a 3 days free trial for the M200 CheyTac-Dominator, and you will also have the following crate bundles available at 50% discount (you can only redeem the weapon or purchase the crates once per account).

  • 100 Scorched Beasts Crates - 55,000 ZP
  • 50 Scorched Beasts Crates - 30,000 ZP
  • 100 MechaBee Crates - 42,500 ZP
  • 50 MechaBee Crates - 22,500 ZP

What Are You Waiting For?
CrossFire Team


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