Pistol Week: June 27 - July 3

Attention Mercenaries,

Wake up, Mercenaries! There is a new challenge for you! Prepare your secondary weapon and get ready for the...Pistol Week!

Play between June 27th and July 3rd to earn legendary rewards!

Complete all of the following missions to win 10 Desert Eagle Collection Crates plus the Pistol Week Ribbon and up to 10 levels in your Mercenary Pass!

Obtain 50 kills on pistol only games  
Obtain 15 headshots on pistol only games  
Complete 10 pistol only games  
Play 60 minutes pistol only games  (Jun 27 to 28)
Play 60 minutes pistol only games  (Jun 29 to Jun 30)
Play 60 minutes pistol only games  (Jul 1 to 3)

Keep track of your progress of these Limited Contracts in your Mercenary Pass.

Terms & Conditions:

-Games must be completed and password protected rooms do not count.
-Ribbon will be delivered within 24 hours when all Contracts are completed.
-Mercenary Pass is not required to get the crates & the ribbon, but it's required for other rewards.

Good Luck!
CrossFire Team!


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