May Flowers - All May Long

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Attention Mercenaries,

We are testing a new kind of bomb we got last week,
They look like small seeds that you plant like mines
And after some time they just flourish and... *BOOM*
However, there is an important issue we must address:
Some *undisclosed* agent mixed them with flower seeds.
The only bright side is that those flowers will be *astonishing*

During the entire month of May, make your ZP flourish and receive some flower-ish rewards with this monthly bonus. Regardless of how much you top-up, you will get 50% Extra ZP, and also the following set of items according to the amount:

Tier 1: From 5,000 ZP to 19,999 ZP

  • M4A1-S-Spring Flowers (7 days)
  • Dual Karambit-Cherry Blossom (7 days)
  • Bulletproof Helmet + Vest (7 days)
  • Free Crate Ticket x5

Tier 2: From 20,000 ZP to 99,999 ZP

  • M4A1-S-Spring Flowers (30 days)
  • Dual Karambit-Cherry Blossom (30 days)
  • Bulletproof Helmet + Vest (30 days)
  • Free Crate Ticket x10
  • Plus everything from Tier 1

Tier 3: 100,000 ZP or more

  • M4A1-S-Spring Flowers (60 days)
  • Dual Karambit-Cherry Blossom (60 days)
  • Bulletproof Helmet + Vest (30 days)
  • Free Crate Ticket x20
  • Plus everything from Tier 1 and 2

If this is your first ZP purchase ever, you will also receive: (Your purchase must be 5,000 ZP or more)

  • Change in game name x1
  • Free Crate Ticket x5
  • M1896-Cherry Blossom (30 days)
  • Foxy (30 days)

Isn't spring great? With all those flowers, all those colors, all those aromas... is there anything that can disrupt you? *Moony wakes up from his day-dreaming at the sound of a mine exploding some meters ahead, throwing a lot of flowers to the air in a ridiculously pretty rainbow form*

See you at the battlefield,
-CrossFire Team
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