Why GM's have become more distant towards the CF community? (Except in Discord)

GM events and streams are non-existant nowdays. Just wondering why this is the case.


  • they want the game to die they just dont care anymore
  • You guys are really asking yourself why?!? Is this a joke? The current team got the game, files and permissions in a broken state and was supposed to fix it with what they had. The previous team already lost the control of the game and now you demand that the (relatively speaking) new team's going to fix it? For a community of which the majority doesn't even live in the western hemisphere and is disrespectful as hell?

    Think again... Everyone would just do the mandatory job given and call it a day under such conditions. Those who supported the GM Team left long ago and what are we veterans supposed to say? When i started playing CF in 2009 it was quite nice. Hitboxes weren't buggy, the Hitreg worked the way it was supposed to work, the game was overall stable. If you felt naughty you could team nade your mates into oblivion, you had some nice and funny knife matches when the round was done shortly before everyone respawned for the next round. Long story short: The game was fun and enjoyable, now it's a steaming pile of meh... 

    That said: Why would you embrace a community when the majority of it doesn't even speak english in the slightest? Why would you improve a game that's basically only existing to keep a bit of nostalgia alive nowadays?

    All the suggestions we made such as a simple tick rate improvement (didn't happen to this day since 2013 btw), netcode improvement, etc.
    All the complaints we sent to them... It's simply pointless. The game is in a comatous state at this point and just lives till the license runs out or the servers become so empty that they can't even pay their stuff anymore.
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