Developer's guide for beginners.

First of all, know that the number of users is low. It is difficult to find a player. Even if you find it, it is probably afk in hmx mode or Rank zm.
Anyway let's night After setting up the account it will give you m4 and deagle , also awm , You can win prizes by entering the game for 2 hours on weekends and Fridays, you can arrange the items by following the event.Again, in some maps, you can collect coins and honor by playing on maps such as SD Rank, zm Rank 3v3, 1v1.To get fast lw, certain hours of the day and weekend event times become an exp event, enter and lw fast You can get vip again and increase exp by raising vipi Again, by opening 7 bonds, you can contract with or without VIP.Again, you can increase exp by 30% by putting items such as colosus, mini Frozen, gloves and blades in the bag section, o For the game, you can earn by spending 10 15 minutes on Expi SD Rank and zm Rank maps at most, this depends on the hs rate and contribution you make.You can collect the following items for free Crater dawn >Ak 47 buster,Elemental temple >colossus,gloves etc knife + jevel , m4 laser ,Titan cheetah>M4 laser, gatling wild shot and haze daggers , Zm3 fatal > Awm marlin, Gloves ,deadly > sword Zm extra > Rightout shotgun, M4 laser, raging Bull , gatling wild shot , etc You can win them all by recruiting 1500 cristals ( zm random box Frozen >gatling Gold ww.Arcadia >blades , de , barret , m4 , Vepr etc .Void Rift >perm Void char , Rightout shotgun , overlord mace , swords et Ranked match SD champion items Awm,m4 ,ak 47 , g3, jungle ,pistol, karambit , laser dagger , usp , desert Eagle cris Don't worry about SD Rank as some items are gone.In the next updates, they will all come to the Coin system This way you can get what you can't get Again, you can get the above items from Rank zm Don't be sad that I didn't get the items passed for rank increase, they will be able to get all and more as they will come to the Coin system.After you become a grand marshal, he will give you a game arch.Again, since there is a ribbon system and there is in-game event tracking, we will give you weapons on ribbons such as 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, intermittently.Weapons are given.Its tab varies according to the person, but uprage items such as m4, Ak 47, which are given to you, give +exp Another important detail you should know about the game Weapons that are the same for storage, which do not contain in storage Can't put weapons like coupon system when the limit is full You need to upgrade .How many coupons you win in the game, you can open the bag5 and above, there is writing in different colors and 150 coupons and more items are perm. you can have them There is 1 effect change for the rings every Monday, you can increase them up to 1.0 and increase Seconds for Multi kill. You can add + 20 seconds by getting paola again If you follow the event, monthly or 5-day events, you can give ep, you can enter the ep shop and get the items there.When you relog in the game, boxes will immediately fall on the BM.That's not all for now. You can participate in weekly cpl tournaments with 5 people and win prizes such as zp, cfs, dollars. For this, simply join the crossfire cpl discord And 5 people with you including you A small warning, like f2 or f3, don't say that nothing happens in the in-game conversation or message part, I said bad words, the penalty for this may be the last perm ban like 3,7,14,30 or most importantly, never anyone. Do not be racist in-game and in daily life, it will upset you and those around you.He learns others over time.I ran away for now.

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