Fighting for what they won't do

1) monthly update of the top in ranked zombies in 3 minutes pass only with a cheat of more than 300 such people and they are not banned
2) anti-cheat update under AI control
3) of course , I know that this point will be ignored , but it 's worth trying
The "countries with pyramids" also have their own localization, albeit unofficial, and nevertheless they play CF NA, while blocking for Russia is lined up for the same reasons......
4) A complete change of management staff on the forum, in the game (GM, Moderators), possibly discord
5) _ for frequent and strong insults , issue a permanent ban of the chat , and not a permanent ban of the account as I had_
6) stable servers and connection
this is currently the biggest problem compared to the 70% ratio of cheaters in the game
7) UM , on EU Servers , they just don 't exist
insult everyone in a row and no one will say anything until the player himself personally complains , despite the fact that the players create separate single rooms of the snake and farm them with a cheat and the GM does not look at it
8) resetting ZM statistics
thus , you can see who is playing with a cheat , or is launched with a cheater and pumped
9) the ban on the passage of the ZM in 1 person
10) fixed leg + sniper rifle mode
disabling this imbalance on maps only sniper rifles and mutation
11) problems new account
the lack of armor and helmet
the lack of injectors for ZM
unplayable weapons with some ZM
kik permanent due to the fact that I was better than someone
the ban on communication in other languages in General chat , to my knowledge allowed to communicate only in English , most of the "people" are not keeping these rules - the punishment of ban chat to permanent (if I'm wrong correct)
12) the ban on advertising in the general chat of their channels on YouTube or twitch - mut for a month
too many divorced bloggers spamming this
13) automatic delimitation of the ping players
if the ping of the player is greater than 80 but less than 400 ,then have them play on a standalone server lags , constant flying around the room clip release him -0 they droop and upuaut you (hurt)
if the ping of the player from 1 to 80 that is also a separate server
all ping take into account that he will be on a permanent basis and not with interruptions due to various problems

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