Halloween's Family: October 22- November 1

Attention Mercenaries,

TrickNTreat, Freakish Halloween, Spooky Halloween and the rest of the Halloween family will be CF guests for a short visit, make sure to meet them all to complete your Halloween collections!

Starting from October 22nd to November 1st, the following previously released Halloween crates will be available in Black Market for purchase.

֎ 2015 Halloween Crate
֎ 2016 Halloween Crate
֎ TrickNTreat Crate A
֎ TrickNTreat Crate B
֎ Spooky Halloween Crate
֎ Freakish Halloween Crate
֎ Witchcraft Crate

Don't forget to say Boo to them!
CrossFire Team


  • Seriously??? 200 crate win nothing??

  • majthillermajthiller Apprentice

    LOL! That's how it goes. Only spend what you can afford to lose. Odds are very low to win. They cant make money if they just let everyone win. lol. My friend just wasted money on 300 + crates and got nothing. Was so funny to watch him spin and get nothing. lol told him not too waste money on this dead game.

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  • I won some guns B)

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