Last weapon on Weapons Master TDM doesn't make sense

I really enjoy playing Weapons Master, either TDM or regular. However, IMO the ending knives at the end (banana, gigantic head, or fists) are dumb because you can hardly get kills with them since all remaining players still are progressing through the firearms. Unlike the regular Weapons Master where you have to get 3 kills to win the game, you will play like 10 minutes in a completely unfair disadvantage when you have progressed all the way. And unlike the regular mode, the only goal you have is getting to a point threshold, which may take an eternity to reach.

My suggestion applies only to Weapons Master TDM. Instead of the dumb, close melees introduced, we should either get a throwing axe (which is really fun to use) or another gun that balances the game at the end for you.


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