Half-Time Sales - Jul 28 to Aug 1st

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Attention Mercenaries,

Don't you feel how time flies when you have your mind occupied?
Summer is just at its peak, CF Games are getting close to their half...
At this rate the year is gonna be ending in the blink of an eye.
*Moony walks to the hot dog stand while thinking of time relativity.*

While we get some half-time snacks, we have prepared you a speed sale from July 28th to August 1st, so you can return to the final competitions with some new supplies (and some snacks as well if you are hungry).

The 10EA bundle of the following crates will have a 50% off in the Web Shop. There won't be a limit on the amount you can purchase:

  • FR-F2-Rusty Crate
  • Summer Special Capsule
  • Special Operations Crate
  • Ultimate Gold Crate
  • Golden Summer Crate
  • Sagittarius Eagle Crate
  • Zodiac Summer Crate
  • Late Summer Zodiac Crate

Get to the Web Shop HERE and grab your bundle!

The referees might be sounding their whistles any moment announcing the end of the half-time, don't wait for too long or this sale will end without noticing!

See you at the stadium steps,
-CrossFire Team


  • Mge222Mge222 Beginner

    180creats of fr f2 rusty and 20 free ticket and nothing!

    this system of game will make me don't pay anything from black market / shop again

    and this is not the first time

    i won anly two weapon from this **** black market

  • wow GM wow

  • me need 6000zp please

  • me need275000zp piease

  • efran20efran20 Beginner

    Would be good to higher the win rates. poor gm won't be in a job soon.

  • efran20efran20 Beginner

    @Abolabib said:
    me need 6000zp please

    @0123465663 said:
    me need275000zp piease

    Get a job and forget about scrounging for this version of Crossfire

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