Why don't you enable "Kick vote" in mass mutation mode?

Mass mutation rooms recently get filled and lots of hackers are there. Unfortunately, we cannot kick them since there is no kick vote! So what we do is basically let the host leave and wait for the game to end and then kick that hack, and then another hack joins!

So why can't we just kick vote them?

You'd say report them, as mentioned here [https://forum.z8games.com/forum/cros...k-with-a-video] some use lag abuse to teleport and we reported them several times but theoretically they just get use of lag!


  • At this point, vote kick is useless as the hacker automatically crashing the room when he gets kicked.
    Shortly, adding kick vote will do nothing.
  • As Alduinn says + Even if there weren't cheaters crashing the game, it would be abused to hell. The CF community isn't mature enough to have that power. If anything I would remove Vote Kick from other modes too.

    It's strange that someone in the long time Vote Kick existed, hasn't come up with a better system.
  • {Mamy}{Mamy} Apprentice
    If kicking was only used for this job, I would say yes, okay, but there are so many children that they would vote and kick people for no reason.

    For example; You made me a mutant? Esc-Kick Vote;) xD
    I asked you for a gun, didn't you? Esc-Kick Vote;)

    That's why there is no need, and if I think it should be completely removed from the game, this kick vote, because I saw them kick out of the game for no reason in td sd matches.

    So this thread -1
  • NubbieNubbie Beginner
    It is what it is. Couple kids with speed hack here and there is not a big deal. You can simply leave and find another room if you have just joined. Adding vote kick wouldn't be a good thing because of all the immature players who would abuse it for sure. How would that even work if there's 30 players? Whole vote kick system is pretty useless anyway if you play in rooms with random kids who just started to play the game. Every time when I try to kick an obvious cheater in TD only few players press F11 and all others don't even bother pressing anything. I haven't seen that many cheaters in TD in the past 5 or so months but I still remember that basically none of them was kicked out because of the people who doesn't vote at all. As a matter of fact more legit players get kicked out than the actual cheaters and that's pretty sad lol.
  • Same reason FFA doesn't have it and one of the main issues of ghost mode. Noobs will kick you simply because you are good and they can't compete or in ghost mode.. Many people don't understand how pinpointing works so when you kill someone whos' under the impression that they are invisible they freak out and call hacks
  • -1 for reasons already mentioned.
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