I need to get a new phone, any suggestions?

I currently own an iphone 6s, it’s one of the best phones I’ve ever had but it’s time to replace it since it started to overheat.

I tried to get a new phone last year, which was a Huawei P20 Lite but I didn’t get used to the Android because I am so used to the navigation gestures iOS has. However, I know Android has implemented gestures and there are very good phones out there with better technology and very affordable (Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme) compared to iPhones.

So far I have these phones in mind:
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
Xiaomi Mi 9
OnePlus 7 Pro
Realme X2 Pro
iPhone XR
iPhone 11

What is the phone you own and which one are you planning on getting and why?


  • I use an old Samsung Galaxy S5 which I inherited from my sister when she got a new phone a couple of years back. I am actually still pretty happy with it. It does what it is supposed to do, Calls, SMS, plays mp3 etc.. And Android have a lot of good free software + easy to use. It is also pretty sturdy for a smartphone. It's been dropped, been very wet, but no problems has come of it. I used to be obsessed with having the newest and best phone when I was younger, but not anymore, as long as it's usable the phone is okay for me. If I (or rather when I) am going to change phones, I'll go for one of the newer Galaxy or Huawei phones (My sister insist they have the best cameras).

    I used to use Iphone's but one thing made me change to android phones (And I am never going back, even if some-one would pay me to do so) and that thing is I-tunes, I (there isn't a word existing for how much) hate I-tunes. Anything that makes it harder for me, to do exactly what I want with something I bought, makes me mad. I think like this: "If you pay for something, you should have total rights to do whatever you want to do with it". Using IOS feels like I am renting my own phone, and that is not cool.
  • [USER="26494729"]Painanator[/USER] you are right about those iPhone restrictions. I remember I was doubting about getting one because it was easier to transfer files (documents and music) to Android phones. However, I started to use Spotify and Google Drive and that stopped being a problem for me. I think the same will happen with the headphone jack :(
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