Discord and it's Mods/GM behavior

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Honestly, what on earth is wrong with you guys?!? People get muted for even the tiniest things, regardless of the context or the discussion that's going on. Instead of warning people that they're doing something wrong and what they are doing wrong, Mods and GMs simply don't give a damn **** and mute people with the excuse of being a "verified server" with punishments which aren't even listed anywhere.
I got now 3 times muted, the 1st one was for 10 minutes the 2nd and 3rd one for a whole week each. Where on bloody earth is that even a fair stack of punishment? Oh, you parked at a no-parking-zone first time. Here, pay 15 bucks. We caught you the 2nd time, pay 500 now!

Get your **** together please!
These "Mods" you guys have rn are no more than a joke. Especially 4Real. He wasn't capable to deal with such things on EU, neither is he capable of dealing with it here.
​​​​​​Can't believe i was once a part of the community and helped to improve the game while such incapable people have the power to restrict my freedom of speech, which is strictly granted by the law.
​​​​​Such incapable people shouldn't have the right to rule about others at all...

an angry Nyumi​​​​​


  • I'm sorry that your inability to follow the simple rules has led you to another mute, but making an angry rant about that on forums is not really going to help you.
    If you have any issues with the way we moderate, please forward your concerns to a GM.

    I can and will not discuss the details of your mute on the forums, as we have already spoken in private.
    Topic closed.

    Again, if you have any issues with the way we moderate, please forward your concerns to a GM.
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    Dear 4Real,
    ​​​​​​i don't know if the power you were granted to is responsible for the corruption you're executing right now or if you were always such an a******, but never showed it to any of the Exalted members back then. Even you have to agree that the rules set are a joke and most of you, may it be the GMs or Mods, don't really know how to handle it fair and square.
    That's the issue i'm addressing. I don't blame you for executing your job as a Mod, i'm just thinking that most of you overreact to tiny things no one would've cared about. Which is quite sad, i really liked the community the way it was, but it went all down the drain. Verified Discord servers are nothing more than a statement that the server people are joining is indeed from the people who are responsible for the games maintenance. So the guidelines of Discord itself have to be enforced rather than creating over reacting rules which lead into way too hard punishments.
    Under such circumstances no one who's looking for a fun community to join will actually join to have fun and chat.
    But i guess my complain about those things will hit on numb ears and blind eyes.
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