Extremely Serious Conversation (Relevant to the survival of our Comp Community)

So today I was minding my own business, catching up on the new translated releases of a few chinese manhua I read on a totally legitimate, legal, not fan-translated website, when I stumbled across a new gem. A Crossfire, Chinese Manhua. Instantly I was hooked. The captivating story line (3 chapters in mind you), eloquent artwork, definitely not ripping meme's and placing them in panels, and riveting stylistic hair designs that Mzin and 70kg most definitely had in their prime, made me gasp in audible decibels that far exceed what a human can produce. Legend of AK. The name itself speaks stylistic volumes.

So I implore all of you to read this manhua, of which 3 chapters are currently available on all "legal" manhua websites you can access, I did check. And converse with me about how this man got picked up to join a pro club in China. Because oh boy, is it a captivating ride, and I truly hope this serialized manhua continues on, as I cannot bear to live my life without.

Also can we discuss how almost everyone who publicly guessed on Ayrins thread, basically said no way no how is Carbon getting even to the Semi's and now we have a No CN Finals for an international event with more than 1 Chinese team, ever? I think? And in this very week, here in the West a Chinese Manhua about professional Crossfire is starting to be released? Has real life and the meme's truly blended into one? Will Ye Qinq become a Crossfire Legend? But in all seriousness, this is actually insane how well Carbon has performed, and they have really brought some pride to the NA region in the past year. Placing 4th at CFS, and now (with 2 different players, sure) placing 2nd at a minimum at CFGI? I honestly feel that they have a real shot at winning tomorrow vs PM? Like they are playing crazy good. Personally, at CFS I would kill to see a EU vs NA CFS finals. I think with the LAN team that Penta has built, and with how good Carbon has shown themselves to be, that that's a real possibility depending how the brackets at CFS look this year. And to me, that's just Awesome!

Let me know your guys thoughts, not only on how Carbon has performed at CFGI, but how much you think that an EU vs NA finals at CFS is a real possibility. And of course, keep Ye Qinq in your prayers as he traverses through his newly serialized manhua. And support your local internet cafes.

** Mods pls no delete. Is serious conversation, atleast 60%. We must discuss all of these topics in equal, unbiased, competitive nature.


  • Samus999Samus999 Apprentice
    A CF manhua? Send the link pls, Google has failed me :(

    Never mind, just found it(on the worst of all major manga websites)... I'm halfway thru chapter 1 and it looks promising!
  • Samus999 wrote: »
    A CF manhua? Send the link pls, Google has failed me :(

    Uhh yah. Very promising. Top quality Manhua. I'm glad to have brought this to your attention.
  • TheHungedManTheHungedMan Apprentice
    Haha, the raws are easily way ahead with 200+ chapters and the scanlator (I found him) behind it already dropped it probably since he hasn't released a new chapter in 4 months ... :p
  • any links please
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