FN Five-seveN Custom

A new year, a new suggestion.


Accuracy: 95
Automatic: 0
Recoil: 55
Weight: 18



30 round extended magazine: Now some of you may think this is too much, but remember, it is a ZP crate weapon with relatively low damage. Plus, the amount of bullets also means lesser back up magazines. It may have 30 bullets more than, lets say, a Desert Eagle Camo, but it will only do half the damage.

Match barrel weight: Technically it won't do much for the weapon, since there is no GP counter part. But if there was, it would have reduced recoil.

Build-in suppressor: Now here is where it gets interesting. With this, this gun will become as silent as a MP5 Adv. Very useful in given situations.

Fast rate of fire: Being a semi-automatic, this weapon will be firing at the rate of an H&K USP or a SIG P228.

Wall-bang: Now this weapon uses 5.7x28mm rounds, known for their armor piercing capabilities. At a range of 50m, this round has no problem of going through 48 layers of Kevlar material. So it should also have very little trouble going through crates, doors and thin walls.

Flashlight: Sorry, kids. It's just for show. Just like the flashlight on the Desert Eagle Scope. Stylish but utterly useless.



Slow reloading time: With such a large magazine comes a bit of extra time needed to reload.

Slow draw-out time: Again, this is a large piece compared to most other pistols, so it will be a tat slow on the draw.


Now I would love to hear your feedback on this weapon, but please remember the P.E.A.C.H
* code as you post. Also, give a reason for why you like or dislike it.

*(Please Examine And Criticize Humbly)


My Suggestions: Ak-47 Custom FN Five-seveN Custom Glock-18 Adv. M110 s.a.s.s. M4A1 Masterkey MAC 10 Suppressed XM110 Spec-ops


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