Clans, Tournaments and 'hackusations'

Hello Z8 Gamers!

Please respect gamers and clans throughout Cross Fire. But particularly during tournaments.

During a Tournament a clan becomes highly visible, their clan roster can increase and the clan becomes way more visible within the game. Especially because the clans are featured on the website and will be announced when the winners are determined. And during tournament time the clan server gets more traffic as people realize this fun mode of play! This puts them in a vulnerable position though because a lot of people assume clans hack when their assumption is completely unjustified. They are just lashing out at a visible/public clan.

Please, respect those clans when coming to these forums. Hacking is obviously in Cross Fire. We are working hard to try and reduce the hacking. We are banning hackers every day. We make the ban list public for you to see that fact.

But just because a player is caught hacking does not mean that the entire clan is hacking. We don't disband or close down entire clans because one person is caught breaking the rules.

For a tournament, if a player on a team was caught hacking then the entire clan will be disqualified from the Tournament. But again, that does not mean the entire clan is hacking. Please be respectful to this manner.

Keep the 'hackusations' to a minimum on the forums please. We have a support system and a PM system in place to handle those kinds of reports and reviews and again, it is the GM's and the company's job to issue bans and decide (based on the evidence) who is breaking the rules. Players do not have access to all the proof and can not make those judgment calls.

Give the clans the respect they deserve, just because a player is stupid and breaks the rules may not mean that the entire clan is following suit.
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