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    Default [VICTORY] My Story of Success

    Many of you are confused without a doubt.

    I don't blame you.

    This started months back when my alternative accounts received an email saying they've been rewarded for their inactivity.

    I barely log onto my account yet I didn't receive the account because a GM told me directly that I must be inactive for 3 consecutive months

    So I decided to accept his challenge. Finally, today I've received the email rewarding me for my dedication and hard work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swoomis View Post

    Do the 3 month challenge.

    I sent a ticket to Orbital.

    He told me if I want them I gotta do the 3 Month No LS Challenge.

    I told him bet.

    Yes, I am very proud of myself.

    I called my mother to bring the great news. My family was rejoiced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swoomis View Post

    Z8 will f*ck over all returning players.

    haha no kidding

    i got an email for a returner package a month ago. i logged on the same day i got the email, only for every single one of those returner rewards to expire right then and there

    hahahaha what a joke
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