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    Firstly to have a good ping you need a good internet connection, that's a given, if you have Sky, possibly BT or Virgin media, you are on your way to high speed gaming, keep playing and enjoy your selves, these are toys, so enjoy, if you want to know your ping, or your internet speed, try, this will show you your speed regarding the internet, try close other programs such as background programs, use end task if you can, be weary of software that claims it can tweak it for you, what you need to do is experiment until you find the right setup for you, then everything will be alright.

    and the rest is history, i will expand on anything you may need, ask me the questions and ill try help, i'm curious to know what problems you are having.
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    good or bad ping depends on where u live , if u live closer to the servers u get good ping , if far then u get bad ping in game.

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    Your ISP doesn't really determine how good your ping is. I had ~40 ping on Sky, but went over to TalkTalk and end up on 19. (Pre-patch, recently it's gone up to 30 -.-)

    What matters most is line speed, type, distance from the nearest exchange, and distance from the server.
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