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    i got another message than that one

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    1. What is your internet speed ? - maybe your internet speed is too low

    2. Sometime when you get logoff due to an error (game error, network lost ..etc) and you try rejoin game under 5 minutes you get the message : You are already login ...etc etc. - this happend because your account was not logoff from server as it should -
    so don't be so scared , anyway after any game error that close your game is better to wait 5 minutes (so the server will disconnect your account as it should) then login back and you should not see any message .

    3. There is no way someone else access your account unless you give him your ID and password - or he found other way to steal your accounts - especially if you are using same id+password combination for your email, facebook, twitter, game accounts ...etc
    (also don't share your facebook name, twitter name, any social network name .. to unknow players - usually scammers can sed you malicious message and trick you to download infected files that will steal any accounts stored on your PC : email, social network accounts .. game accounts .. etc)

    4. Be sure you are the only one that know your ID and pass for any accounts you have (especially for emails) and you don't have to worry
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