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    Default Client Error 31-9

    I've patched the game after the last maintainence, but I cant join any game since.. every time I join I get a client error. please help me

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    Please reinstall the game and the error should be fixed. Others have tried this and reported that it had fix the issues for them so please give it a try!

    Follow these steps in order to reinstall:

    1. Control Panel -> Z8Games -> CrossFire -> Uninstall CrossFire.
    2. Open Up My Computer.
    3. Delete the CF directory (Program Files/Z8Games/CrossFire/).
    4. Delete the CF directory (/Document/CrossFire/) (Make sure you backup any screenshots or replays you may have before doing this).
    5. Disable your anti virus.
    6. Download the newest client from our downloads site.
    7. Install the game from the new download.
    8. Add the entire crossfire folder to your antivirus exceptions.
    9. Re-enable realtime protection.
    10. Start CrossFire as Admin.

    Post back your results here!

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