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    Quote Originally Posted by EatNoobs View Post
    I have submitted a ticket in regards to my issue, approximately how long would it take for them to get back to me? Sorry to be a bother
    No worries! They normally reply back within 48 hours.

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    It sounds like all Egyptians people need to change their IPs, now I use hotspot shield to get rid off these errors, and it works fine, this problem is always happens when any egys trying to join a room with a few players, and it's common in all ZMs mode
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    This 12% error is a resolution error. Basically, your in-game resolution is bigger than your PC resolution. Change your resolutions so that your PC resolution is bigger or the same as your in-game resolution, and this problem should resolve itself.

    Also, do not use hotspot shield or any other VPN as you can get banned.

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