Attention Mercenaries,

Its that time of year again, where all the young bright-eyed students head back to class with full pencil cases and empty binders. There is more than one type of study though, and CrossFire is about to school you on what it means to be a true mercenary!

From September 6th to September 19th, you will be tasked with completing objectives in each subject for rewards. You will be given a grade based on your efforts and skills, and that will determine what rewards you get. Want the best of the best? You had better start studying!

Ratios & Proportions
This subject is all number comparison. So lets compare your Kills to your Deaths during this event period.

Reward Crate: Red Dragon Rifle Crate
Crate Contains: AK-47-Scope Red Dragon, Scarlight Red Dragon, Scar Heavy Red Dragon

0.99 or less KDR = F (0 Crates)
1.0 to 1.2 KDR = D (1 Crate)
1.21 to 1.5 KDR = C (3 Crates)
1.51 to 1.99 KDR = B (5 Crates)
2.0 or higher KDR = A (10 Crates)

Business & Investments
Think you have what it takes to make the Fortune 500? Lets find out just how much ZP you spend during the event.

Reward Crate: Dragon Blaze Crate
Crate Contains: M4A1-XS-Ancient Dragon, Barrett Divine Dragon, Mauser Royal Dragon, Axe Legendary Dragon

Less than 1,000 ZP = F (0 Crates)
1,000 to 19,999 ZP = D (2 Crates)
20,000 to 49,999 ZP = C (10 Crates)
50,000 to 150,000 ZP = B (25 Crates)
More than 150,000 ZP = A (50 Crates)

How well do you know the locations featured on our battlefields? Play ten games on each country to prove it!
Country Maps
Mexico Mexico S&D, Mexico TD, Mexico BOT TD, Mexico BOT TD Mixed
France Monaco TD
Colombia Colombia Elimination
Egypt Egypt TD, New Egypt TD, New Egypt BOT, New Egypt BOT TD Mixed
USA Alaska Elimination, Chicago Elimination
Turkey Ankara S&D, Ankara 2.0 S&D
Italy Venice ZM1
Spain Spain S&D
Greece New Greece S&D, New Greece FFA, New Greece Weapon Master
Morocco Morocco S&D
Brazil Salvador S&D
China China Town TD

Reward Crate: New Year 2015 Crate
Crate Contains: M14EBR Golden Phoenix, M249 MINIMI Golden Phoenix, Armsel Striker Golden Phoenix

0 to 1 Country = F (0 Crates)
2 to 4 Countries = D (1 Crates)
5 to 8 Countries = C (5 Crates)
9 to 11 Countries = B (10 Crates)
12 Countries = A (20 Crates)

Physical Education
No mercenary is prepared for the battlefield without being prepared to endure the tides of war! How long can you keep going in battle?

Reward Crate: Color Blaze Crate
Crate Contains: AK-47 Turtle Shell, AWM Turtle Shell, IAS-Laser, M4A1-C-Aurora

Less than 2 Hours Playtime = F (0 Crates)
2 to 5 Hours Playtime = D (1 Crate)
5 to 10 Hours Playtime = C (3 Crates)
10 to 16 Hours Playtime = B (5 Crates)
16 Hours or More Playtime = A (10 Crates)

Philosophy of Escapism
Sometimes you just need to get away. Thats also true with Escape Mode! Escape during the event to get your grade.

Reward Crate: Imperial Dragon Crate
Crate Contains: AK-47 Imperial Dragon, Gloves Imperial Dragon

0-49 Escapes = F (0 Crates)
50 to 64 Escapes = D (1 Crates)
65 to 74 Escapes = C (3 Crates)
75 to 99 = B (5 Crates)
100 or more Escapes = A (10 Crates)

Evolutionary Biology
Just as creatures evolve, so do mercenaries. Have you developed the skills to take home high grades?

Reward Crate: New Year 2016 Crate
Crate Contains: Barrett Divine Dragon, Desert Eagle Divine Dragon, Kukri Divine Dragon

Less than 10 Mutation Games Completed = F (0 Crates)
10 to 19 Mutation Games Completed = D (1 Crate)
20 to 49 Mutation Games Completed = C (5 Crates)
50 to 74 Mutation Games Completed = B (10 Crates)
75 or more Mutation Games Complete = A (20 Crates)

Myths and legends known far and wide are the base of many stories. Will you be part of them?

Reward Crate: ZM Special Crate
Crate Contains: AA-12 Buster, M240B Tesla, P90 Wildshot, SR25 Burning Shot

Less than 5 ZM Games Won = F (0 Crates)
5 to 9 ZM Games Won = D (1 Crate)
10 to 24 ZM Games Won = C (5 Crates)
25 to 49 ZM Games Won = B (10 Crates)
50 or More ZM Games Won = A (20 Crates)

Its time to buckle in, grab a snack, and get to working, because if you score an A in 3 or more subjects, you'll be rewarded with the Grade A Student Ribbon!

You can check your grades HERE

-CrossFire Team

*** RULES:

***We are aware that there was an issue with any games that were tracked on Saturday, September 9th for a while. We are looking at our options for resolving this, but we're going to need patience from you guys during that time. Give us until the end of the week, and we will figure out the best course of action. That being said, your hard work and playtime is not lost, and you will be rewarded for the time put in, one way or another. We will keep you updated as soon as we have any more information.