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    Hey! i'm becko with another personal event!

    This is the second one, here's a reference to the previous one :!-This-Sunday!

    This time the theme will be Silver.
    I feel like i rushed it last time, so this time i'm gonna go it a bit different, here's how it goes:

    We do 1 Silver Only game where the ACE gets 10k zp.

    Then we do a short one (with less rounds) where you can use ALL guns even vips as an inbetween.

    Then we do another Silver Only game where the ACE there also gets 10k zp.

    The another short one where all weapons are allowed.

    And then we do a final one with Silver Guns only where the ACE gets 10k zp again

    NOTE: there is no reward for the ACE in the 2 inbetween games, only the 3 silver games!



    It's gonna be this sunday 09/03/2017 at 5:00 PM (CEST).

    see timer below for references



    Here are the rules:

    - Use Silver guns only, any primary silver gun is allowed as long as it has the word "silver" in it's name or description.

    - No VIP weapons allowed

    - No noble beast weapons allwed

    - ANY pistol or melee u want to use (again, no vip or noble)

    - ANY character is allowed (incuding VIP characters)

    - EXCEPTION: Since there aren't really that many silver guns out there that are available for free, i've decided to allow any other gun that has a silver/metallic look to it.

    For example:

    - Liquid Metal

    - Platinum

    - Scarlet Silver

    - Silversmith



    you can get these 4 for free by just playing zombie mode: AK-47-S-Pure Silver, M1216-Pure Silver, MG3 - LM and the L86 LSW-Pure Silver.

    There's also this which you can get from playing mutation modes but it does take a while to get the last one if you haven't played before: M4A1-S-Pure Silver



    Like i mentioned at the beginning, the 3 ACES will each get 10,000 ZP.

    Each ACE can only win 'once'.

    If it we're to occur that someone would get ace twice then i will check the screenshots and the one who would be deemed 'second' will get the reward instead.

    NOTE: since this fall within the Back To School ZP BONUS then that means that the actual prize is not 10,000 ZP but 12,000 ZP

    and since it's next month then that means that you will get a little booster pack to boot (if they change it again that is xD)



    UK Server 1, Channel 10, Room Name : Silver Forumers #2, PW = silvercat

    Cya all this sunday ;D

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