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    Default [Spoilers] Lightning Mage Evolution

    This update brings Lightning Mage evolution. This marks the last of the Mercenary Evolution Contest winners.
    About damn time.

    Stage 1
    -Overall damage increased.
    -Weapon size increased by 25%.
    -Basic attack juggle range slightly increased.
    -Air attack changed to be able to change direction
    -Air attack half faint duration increased.
    -Weapon skill shock duration increased.
    Stage 2
    -Weapon skill changed to restand grounded targets.
    -Counter attack added.
    Stage 3
    -Additional attack input though A or S keys added for basic, dash, and air attacks as follow ups. (A for a launcher bolt, S for a bolt that shocks in place)
    -Dash hold D attack added (Physical penetration property)
    -Air hold D attack added (Physical penetration property)
    -Added an electric wave attack to the end of the weapon skill.

    Balance changes later.

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    disappointing. could have made it an aoe hero with chain lighting. dont even think this evo is enough to bring back even some those extinct lightning mage players

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