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    Red face UnitOne: New Clan New Hope

    hello evryone, i am sqz master UnitOne Clan

    We In UnitOne Looking For Skill And active Players..

    if you are looking for active clan to have fun and do events with pro and experience players.

    We Welcome you to join us.

    Clan Page:


    Our Rules In UnitOne:

    1) No Hacking Or Glitching,Play fairly.
    2) You must be respectful and friendly with other players.
    3) You Have To Get 10000 EXP EVERYDAY.
    4) Dont use ClanChat to, insulting others,spam.
    5) Follow staff instructions,No Clan War with out staff.
    6) Have Fun.
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    Jacob Frye Crew [The Rooks]


    Good luck m8
    Hail Kanadian!

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