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    this one
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    Story & Name:
    Ash is a mercenary leader who spilled blood for both the Empire and the Rebels in the great war. In his younger years, a simple soldier of the rebellion. In later years, as his priorities shifted... he served the Empire as the king's military commander. The first of his Centaur brethren to reach such high ranks. Enjoying the lavish spoils and perks of the Empire, he eventually grew tired of taking orders and abandon the Empire for freedom and formed his own squad who takes out targets for gold...

    Weapon Dual chain sickles
    Armor Light rebellion armor
    Helmet Commanders helm
    Trinket Pouch filled with gold

    Unit Type : Special

    Rumor has it you can enlist Ash permanently for 18,700 ZP.

    Dash attack
    Swing your back side around and buck kick the enemy into the air! (Launcher)

    Air dash attack
    Come charging down and feint your enemies!

    HOLD D -> Release (Aimable)
    Ash has a 3 bar passive. one use will consume 1 charge. It is a fast attack does 6 hits of light damage and look like this:
    0:09 to 0:12

    Message for developers:
    When Ash's armor is equipped on a Humanoid hero the legs will be hairy.

    Options when Ash equips any other armor... ( to fix possible complications)
    1st. only the top portion of the armor is shown when equipped.
    2nd. Full armor is shown using the front 2 legs and upper human body.


    W: Head Hunter
    Deploy a squad of 3 centurian archers that will assist you in battle for 10 seconds! Your comrades will shoot arrows across the screen and hit their targets with skill.

    Q: Are you for sale?

    Throw your gold pouch in a targeted area and charm enemies for 5 seconds!

    (When a character is inflicted with charm status the player losses control. Their hero will temporarily join your team and auto attack your enemies with basic attacks. There is a 10% chance that the charmed hero will use a random skill if it is charged)

    E: Desert Storm

    Kick up a desert storm and blind enemies for 8 seconds.
    (Blind status: The screen will go black except for your character. You cannot see the map or other characters during blind)

    R: Widow Maker
    Throw out your chains across a targeted area and bring the enemies together in bondage. Lift them up above your head and smashing your enemies into the ground from one side to next repeatedly!

    (1-5 hits) Tap the attack key fast to send the centaur power! The higher the hit counter gets the faster you must mash!

    "Drink, fight, love and get paid!
    The enemy matters not, you just tell me your target and i'll bring you his head... for a price!"

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    IGN: Golf

    Hero name: DJ

    Backstory: An aspiring DJ stumbles upon the timegate and enters it in hopes of spreading his music to a new and unusual place.

    Defensive capabilities
    Counter: DJ has a deflect into a counter attack. The counter attack is a blast that knocksback in a 360 degree radius and pushes the enemy a short distance and half faints them.

    DJ has 80 passive to work with.
    Half D: Switch between knocking back and healing teammates
    Full D(healing): Hold D to heal any nearby teammates. While holding D, you walk slowly and play music from the boombox healing allies nearby. This takes up 2 passive per second.
    Full D(knockback): Hold D to knockback any enemy in a 360 degree radius. The knock back is a larger distance than the counter attack and also knocks down any enemies around you. Takes up 15 passive.

    Weapon: Boombox
    Armor: Sweatshirt hoodie w/ baggy pants and black Gucci slide sandals
    Helmet: Bucket hat
    Trinket: Microphone

    Q: "Hype it up": DJ pulls out the microphone and gives himself and allies a speed boost, attack boost, and super armor(Think Hakumen helm + Kali helm). The speed and attack buff lasts for 10 seconds whereas the super armor only lasts for 5.
    W: "Feel the rhythm": Passive. Takes 5 seconds to charge up then will heal or lower your teammates cooldowns on their skills for 5 seconds then will need to charge up again. If you are hit while the helm charging up, it will not charge. Press W to switch from healing or lowering skill cooldowns.
    E: "Back off": A blast that knocks back enemies in a 360 degree radius and stuns them(like a brawler's mark stun) for 2 seconds. This move is a half faint counter and can be used if grounded as well.
    R: "Turn it up": Turn the volume up high on the boombox and stun enemies in a radius then launch them in the air causing them to take drop damage. (Think about the size of Earth mage's weapon skill and you would be in the center of the circle and anyone in the vicinity would get caught. The stun would be something like Savage Berserker's trinket due to the fact that it causes them to hold onto their ears and shake their head)

    Sadly, I could not provide pictures.
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