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    So it took 8+ months just to get this thing started.... As per my word I will not be participating in this, though I hope to see some interesting entries show up. Do your best~
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    Reserved, lets see what I can up with...

    GL to everyone!

    Hero Name – Sky Pirate Kid

    Main Weapon – Mop and a Bucket of Water

    Armor – Baggy/loose muscle shirt with a rugged jacket tied around the waist. Pants are baggy.

    Backstory – The Sky Pirate Kid, with his trusty mop and a bucket of water, used to swab the deck of the Legendary Pirate Crew. During a treasure hunt, the legendary pirate crew uncovered a rare treasure with unimaginable power. The whole crewmates decided to split the treasure. As the crew each took a piece of the treasure, the mop kid was left with a book. With the book, the mop kid learned knowledge of flight and used this power in unique ways. Through his knowledge of how objects are airborne, he could force all projectiles to target his barrels. With a few modifications on his boat, he can fly through the sky. Now that projectiles are less threatening, he can fly through the sky to discover more treasures. Thus, he is known as the Sky Pirate Kid.

    After he split off from the Legendary Pirate Crew, the pirate kid decided to go on his own adventures with his new-found knowledge of flight, hoping that one day he will become as great as the Legendary Pirate Crew. Two years later, as he cruised through the sky on his boat, he saw a shine of bright light coming from the top of the tallest mountain. He quickly flew up and saw a gigantic Time-Gate. While scouting the area, he found scraps, on the ground, that reminded him of his old crewmates. He immediately boarded his boat and flew through the Time-Gate, wanting to meet the Legendary Pirate Crew again.

    Q (Trinket) – Barrel Sponge – Places a stationary barrel. All projectiles within a certain radius will change its target onto this barrel. When the HP goes to zero, the barrel will explode damaging a certain radius. Can build a max of two barrels at the same time.

    W (Hat) – Sky Boat – Builds a sky boat. The boat can be entered and exited like a vehicle by the person that build it. The sky boat can be controlled with a moderately fast speed and can float in the air, lasting for quite a while. The boat has enough room for the 3 players to get on and stay on. The sky boat can also have objects placed on it such as the barrel, mines, etc. Any enemy that touches the boat will be blown away.

    E (Armor) – Barrel Roll – Kicks three barrels that roll away in the direction of the kick. Anyone that the barrel touches is flattened. The barrel will explode, doing area of damage, after a certain distance. The barrel also changes all projectiles’ target onto the barrels.

    R (Weapon) – Wet Mop – The player will mop the ground, with the bucket full of water, causing a very wet floor. The player can control the direction of the mop movement. Any enemy that touches the watery area, that was mopped, will slip and fall every 3 steps for 5 seconds. Any teammates, that touches the watery area, will gain a boost in speed and an increase in jump.

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    Post will be updated to make this look better on the eyes.

    Hero Name: Gemini
    Type: Special/Contest
    Difficulty: Expert

    Special hero that is split with two heroes with two seperate skillbars.
    Switch Type of hero with Weapon skill

    Hero A (Inital type you swap to)
    Wep: Puppet Controller
    Armor: Gemini Outfit A
    Hat: Gemini Hat A
    Trinket: Gemini Trinket A

    Hold D: Summon a puppet and control with your mind (Hades Wep Effect) (Yourself is stuck while controlling) (Hold D to get out of this mode)
    Puppet Attack: Fire a ranged bow at a enemy; Stab people nearby

    Wep Skill: Cancel Circumstances: Shoot enemy multiple times with puppet weapon. (Swap to other Gemini effect)
    Armor Skill: Ballroom of Death: Illusions of puppets appear and stab all enemies within range of you
    Hat Skill: Quick Action (Passive): If you were attacked, puppet will appear and lift enemy up
    Trinket Skill: Final Act: Other half of Gemini AI will appear and attack enemy (Puppeteer Weapon Skill)

    Hero B (Female Hero when swapped)
    Wep: Musical Instrument (Harp)
    Armor: Gemini Outfit B
    Hat: Gemini Hat B
    Trinket Gemini Trinket B

    Hold D: Plays music that all enemies within radius take damage and heal allies. (Just like rockstar but longer)
    Special Effect at end play: Control a random enemy if they stood near for too long (lasts 4 seconds)
    Wep Skill: Death Performance: Break out of any stun/aliments/damage and dance with your powerful emotion with the harp and destroy the enemy (Swap to Gemini A)
    Armor Skill: Rhapsody: Stop a enemy from attacking you (They will become stunned near you)
    Hat Skill: High Class (Passive): You cannot be damaged by all aliments (You dont take damage from burn,freeze or ?)
    Trinket Skill: Final Act: Other half of Gemini AI will appear and attack enemy (Puppeteer Weapon

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    Hero Name: Gardener

    Class: Special

    Main Weapon: Hand Trowel

    Side Weapon: Pruning Shears

    Armor: Flannel with a Gardening Apron

    Helmet: Sunhat(Male), Rabbit Ear Ribbon(Female)

    Trinket: Watering Can

    Backstory: Traveling around the world, the gardener seeks new plants to grow. As years past the gardener grew tired of traveling, however Developer K found the gardener and he thought that it would be a great idea to hire someone to tend his plants. The gardener was very experienced with all types vegetation and decides to walk through the time gate with the developer to begin a new adventure.

    Half Hold D :The hero uses its watering can to water seeds. Using this on enemies will slightly knock them back. [Hit Box - Frontal Cone]

    Hold D Mechanic :Uses the hero's passive meter to plant a seed. The hero has 6 bars to its passive meter. Planting seeds in quick succession will raise its stage. There are 3 seed stages (Sunflower, Rose bush, Fly Trap). Watering seeds with your Half Hold D will allow them to sprout and grow. The seed will grow into whatever stage it has been raised to; so if you raised it by 2 stages and you water it with your Half Hold D, your seed will begin to grow into a Rose bush. Seeds will take a couple of seconds to grow. While the seeds are growing, enemies who are near them are knocked back and the seedlings cannot be targeted. Once they finish growing they can be destroyed with a couple of attacks. Plants are visible for both teams and they will stay on the map until the player dies or if they are destroyed.

    Hold D - Plant a stage 1 seed (Sunflower)
    Sunflowers can block projectiles and serves as a blockade. Allies can freely walk through the Sunflowers, however enemies cannot. Sunflowers can be destroyed with 3 hits. You can have 6 Sunflowers out at once.

    Hold D - Plant a stage 2 seed (Rose bush)
    Rose bushes can root enemies who make contact with them for, then they are knocked up into the air. Rose bushes can be destroyed with 4 hits. You can have 3 Rose bushes out at once.

    Hold D - Plant a stage 3 seed (Fly Trap)
    Venus Fly Traps attack nearby enemies and their attacks break guard. After 3 successive attacks their targets are poisoned and slowed. Fly Traps can be destroyed with 5 hits. You can have 2 Fly Traps out at once.


    Trinket (Growth!!!) - Grab a watering can and water the area around the hero. Watering allies will increase their size for a period of time. This does not affect enemies.

    Helmet (Fertilize) - On use, you and your allies receive an attack, defensive and speed buff for a period of time.

    Armor (Nourish) - Summon a field of flowers and your loyal companion. Allies in the area are healed over time. Enemies in the area take damage over time and they are slowed. The field lasts for a period of time.

    Weapon (Overgrow) - Create a zone of ivy around you. The ivy quickly spreads out in all directions rooting and stunning enemies that make contact. Afterwards the enemies are poisoned. This skill can be used as a half faint counter.

    Ign: Geeminy
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    Default Hero Contest Entry

    IGN: -Basilisk-

    Hero Name: Aquaria

    Type: Special

    Note: In this story, the dragon god Ryujin is the same as all the other water gods of Japan and one in the same as the Constellation Aquarius and all the other god's of water in all the mytholigies.

    Note 2: The censored word in the backstory is the word for Japanese death gods, it must have contained some characters that spelled out something profane, also if the developers (if this character is chosen) want to slightly alter the bodily positions of Aquaria during her attack sequences to make her attacks more fluid (pun very much intended) they are welcome to.

    : Abandoned at a shrine that worshipped Ryujin near the coast of Japan Shimizu was brought up to be a Miko by her foster parents. Shimizu was very dutiful and always performed her tasks as a Miko, among the priestesses no one was more devoted than her. One day as Shimizu was going about her priestess duties the ground began to rumble, the rumbling escalated and eventually the shrine and the surrounding buildings around it began to come crashing down. Once the rumbling stopped the shrine along with all the other buildings within a 20-mile radius were destroyed. Shimizu ran to the shrine to see what she could salvage from the wreckage when she smelled the sea. This was odd because they lived close to the sea but not close enough in which they could smell it. Shimizu realized that there was something blue in the distance that was growing larger by the second. By the time Shimizu became aware of what it was, it was much too late. The water rushed at her like a lion chasing its prey. There was no time to struggle, or to think, all Shimizu could do was sink deeper into the water, as the water began to fill her lungs and her consciousness was one the verge of collapse she began uttered a prayer for Ryujin to save her. Then the abyss of death consumed her. When she awoke she was in a glimmering palace of red and white coral. She recognized the palace from Japanese mythology, it was Ryujin's. She looked around and realized that she was under the sea, suddenly a huge shadow swam past the palace and disappeared around a bend. There was a spectacular explosion of water and out of it emerged Ryujin. Ryujin walked up to her and told her to rise, and she complied. Ryujin explained to her that because of her faith and dedication to her duties as a priestess he had saved her out of pity. Hearing this Shimizu immediately fell to her knees and thanked him. Ryujin then said to her that there was no need to thank him because his act of kindness had come at a terrible price. Since he had kept her soul from crossing the bridge to Yomi (Japanese underworld) she would now be hunted by Shi****mi (Japanese Death Gods) for the rest of eternity until the successfully claimed her soul. Ryujin then said to her it would be too troublesome to keep her in his palace, so he would bestow upon her five gifts upon her. The first gift was the authority over all forms of water for her name was Shimizu (which means pure water in Japanese) and Ryujin found this to be amusing. The second gift was one of Ryujins tide jewels that would allow her to summon tsunamis at will. The third gift was a pair of earrings that would enhance her physical capabilities and dampen those of her enemies. The fourth gift was a blue Miko outfit of Ryujins "own design" that would allow her to summon a sea dragons spirit in the form of water. The fifth and final gift was the ability to have one of the spirits of water possess her body in times of tribulation. With these gifts, Shimizu was guided out of the undersea palace by a sea turtle. When she reached the surface she put on the gifts bestowed upon her by Ryujin. When she ventured deeper into the mainland she encountered a hazy black figure. Over the decades the encounters became more frequent, allowing for Shimizu to hone her battle skills. She developed a fighting style of fluid movements. As the centuries passed Shimizu became tired of having to change her identity and adopted the alias Aquaria. As she was being chased by a Death God she saw a glowing blue light and mistook it for a water spirit. It turned out to be a time gate portal and she was sucked into it and arrived in the world of Lost Saga.
    Main Weapon:
    Aura of rain (Surrounds body), Floating water droplets that shift constantly ( Surrounds body)

    Side Weapon: Water Constructs (Various constructs of animals and weapons, such as spears, katanas, and dragons).

    Trinket: Floating Tide Jewel

    Armour: (Female) Blue Miko Outfit with calf long parted skirt. (Female) Sandals. (Male) A hooded robe that is parted at the front to reveal abdominal muscles with black pants. (Male) No Shoes.

    Possession Armour: Blue flowing dress, with no shoes along with a floating silk/water scarf (Female), sleeveless Robe with Hood [lowered], with no shoes (Male)

    Helm: Earrings

    Possession Helm:
    Halo in the shape of Aquaria's earrings.
    Q( Sea Dragon's Curse): Create a sea dragon's claws that erupt from the ground(Approx. 5 feet around) where you are standing and snaps its claws close, those within this area during the attack will have a sea dragon's curse debuff placed on them. This skill requires 30 seconds to charge.

    W (Sea Dragon's Blessing): Create a whirlwind around you that gives allies a speed boost and slows enemies while damaging them. (Effect length: 10 seconds). There is no invincibility frame for this skill. If you press S after activating the skill (in the span of 2 seconds) Aquaria will disperse into mist and become invincible for 4 seconds and the effect leangth of the sea dragon's blessing will be increased by 5 seconds . This skill requires 30 seconds to charge.

    E (Sea Dragon's Rage): Summon a water dragon around you that encircles you and rises. (Enemies caught by the dragon will be encased in it as it ascends, the dragon will disappear once it reaches the height in which the opponents inside will be dropped). The range is widened in possession state. This skill takes 35 seconds to charge.

    R (Sea Dragon's Sorrow/ Sea Dragon's Annihilation, during possession state):
    Create a storm cloud and hop on it, your storm cloud will create a trail of rain, this trail gives you two options. Option 1 : You can simply create a trail of water that widens after skill duration is up the trail widens and enemies will either slip on it ( if it's just water), periodically get stuck in it (if it's ice), or will get a disoriented status put on them (If its mist). Option 2: Create a circle that fills in with water to create a giant puddle, sea dragons will rise out and converge in the middle of the puddle, the effects of this version of the skill are similar to Option 1's. However, the stuck effect will be changed to a frozen effect (Not periodic), and the opponents will begin to sink into the puddle ( The opponents will only be able to be lifted by attacks that lift, and the disoriented status will go from 4 seconds to 6 seconds. In your possession state you will channel the spirits of water ( Your character will wave arms above its head in a circular motion, one hand will go one direction while the other goes in the opposite direction with two water dragons following your hand motions) for 5 seconds, then you will unleash the fury of the water dragon and summon a huge water dragon that travels in one direction across the map and hits enemies caught in it continuously for 5 seconds then puts them into a bubble status for 3 seconds. The possession state skill works like Jin Mo Ri and Park Il Pyo's secondary weapon skill and requires an additional 20 seconds before becoming usable. The charge for the normal basic state skill is 20 seconds.

    Double Jump:
    Usable after air dash. Aquaria hops onto a cloud and uses that to propel herself diagonally (same length as iljimae's double jump).

    Walk Animation
    Aquaria does the normal walking animation but her weapon causes her to leave a trail of water. (In possession state Aquaria floats and leaves a trail of mist).

    Attack Animation:
    In her basic state all her attacks have a slash of water following them (Similar to Lee's attacks but wider and more crescent shaped). Also, all of Aquaria's attacks are sequential and all the motions needed to transition to the pose will be performed in order to make her attacks seem more fluid.

    Run Animation
    Aquaria hops onto a cloud and rides it ( This animation also applies for Aquaria's possession state).
    Sea Dragon's Curse Effects: Those marked by this curse will not be able to travel further than 10 feet (Translated into in game distance) without getting hit by a tidal wave ( Deals damage) that brings them back to where you are and faints them.

    Possession: A water spirit possesses Aquaria and enhances her attacks, attack speed, and increases the range of her attacks. Possession state is only gained once the passive bar reaches 100. When Aquaria becomes possessed her outfit and helm will change, her hair will become like the flowing sea and her outfit will flow and billow as if in the wind. In order to become possessed you must use an input( left right) while attacking when this is done water spirits will surround and encircle you and then in a flash transform (1 hit Flinch).

    Passive: Aquaria Gaines 2 passive for every successful hit on the opponent, and 1 passive for every hit received. Aquaria has a passive meter of 100
    Basic Attack: Aquaria twirls around (Hits the opponent once). Then from the twirl, she transitions into a high spinning round house kick. After landing, she sweep kicks the opponent, then somersaults backward, kicking the opponent into the air in the process. She then summons a katana, leaps forward and grabs it, then slashes downward (bounces opponent and the bounce height is equivalent to half the height of the character), timing is required. The basic attacks lift off faints and all the attacks are jump cancelable.

    Possession Basic Attack: All of the initial constructs of the basic attacks are replaced with water dragons that are wider than the basic constructs. The longsword is replaced by a dragon that flies downward (Similar to Jin Sasinmu's Stance ground lifter). The dragon will dissipate once it hits the opponent and reform into a water clone that performs a running side kick that knocks the opponent back.

    Hold D: Create a spear of ice. For every 2 seconds the D key is held the hitbox of the spear will increase and consume additional passive, this will happen twice after the initial summoning of the spear. Uses 10 passive and 4 in its later stages, 5 in possession state and 2 in its later stages. If the passive bar is 0 Hold D will not work. When thrown the spear will clip the opponent, travel with them for about 5 feet and shatter thus fainting them. ( This attack changes your weapon skill in your basic state and causes it to switch to its ice state for 10 seconds). The spear will grow in size in its second stage, and then in its third stage dragons (similar to Lee's weapon) will begin to encircle the spear staff and dissipate at the end. When thrown in its final stage it will gain the ability to guard break. In its second stage, it will slow the opponent for 4 seconds with a frozen state( the state they get after being frozen). When thrown the spear will spiral and travel about 2 feet if it does not hit an opponent, if it does hit an opponent then it will continue for an additional five feet. Your character cannot move while charging the hold d.

    Air Hold D: Summon a single water snake that splits into a multitude of snakes that circle and swarm the opponent (Like Geomjes sword hold D in his basic state), this attack hits 3 times. (Resets air status).

    Possession Air Hold D: Summons a water clone in front of and behind the opponent, both mirror each other's moves. The water clones will throw a hook punch to the left then a hook to the right, then do a front flip kick that slams down the opponent and bounces them back to your jump height. (Character will float while clones attack if your character is airborne). No time restriction for this attack when your character is the possession state.

    Air Attack: Swings a longsword ice construct diagonally, then twirls and swings it horizontally, then swings it upward, then back down. (Air Dash can be used anytime in this combo except for the last hit). Finally, Aquaria creates a spinning circle of miniature swords by spinning once with her long sword and dispersing it into smaller swords. The last hit of the air attack will bounce. (The bounce height is reduced every time the combo is looped). If you press S after the 5th hit you will travel down with the opponent by turning into mist at the cost of 10 passive, this function will not work below 10 passive. (The First hit of Aquaria's air attack half faints and the rest flinch the opponent).

    Possession Air Attack: Perform the same attacks except a water clone will appear behind the opponent and mirror your moves. The 5th attack of this combo sequence will be the same as the 5th attack of the regular air combo except it will have a bigger radius.

    Air attack stage 2: After using Aquaria's air dash this attack chain becomes available. Aquaria performs one spinning roundhouse kick then does a backflip, then perform a high knee kick and deliver a swift side kick to the opponent. If you tap the D key the water constructs will condense into a water clone that does a corkscrew piledrive on the opponent for the cost of 10 passive. If you tap the S key you will simply turn into mist and teleport to the ground for the cost of 20 passive.

    Possession Air Attack Stage 2: This attack sequence is the same except a sea dragon construct trails after your kick to increase the range of your attacks, your character will twirl around while the dragon encircles you dealing 2 hits to the opponent (Continuation of stage 2)., then fall to the ground while the dragon encircles the opponent and then travels upward in order to slam them down (flattening slam that puts the opponent into a flattened state).

    Air Dash: Ride on a cloud then slash diagonally with your sword (resets air status and pops up opponent high enough for the second ).

    Air Dash: Instead of a cloud Aquaria rides a water dragon and summons a swirling pillar of snakes to lift the opponent instead of using a longsword ice construct.

    Dash Attack: Aquaria leaps off her cloud (Does not hit) and does a flying side kick that points downward diagonally, Aquaria then delivers a swift sweep kick to the opponent then lifts herself upward by doing a hand stand (Launches the opponent). After the hand stand's animation you have the option to press A and Aquaria will create small cloud that bounces her upward to the opponent's height or you could press S and Aquaria will spring backward off the hand stand and use a wave to bring the opponent back to her, fainting them(Wave has a small hitbox, so it cannot catch more than 3 enemies). If you choose to tap S after the hand stand your character will go into a momentary stance and you will have to tap D at the right time in order to land the faint or else you will miss and the opponent will be grounded. (Launcher is jump cancelable).

    Possession Dash Attack: Dash attack stays the same, except sea dragon water constructs, replace the crescent water constructs and instead of a hand stand Aquaria will do a cartwheel (Hits twice), and then Aquaria will summon a water clone behind the opponent that does a high side kick that launches the opponent (All attacks are jump cancelable).

    Hold D Dash Attack: Aquaria summons a clone that performs a top spin. (The clone will travel 5 feet in front of you before disappearing). (Hits 3 times and can be used anytime during the dash attack).

    Possession Hold D Dash Attack: At the end of the top spin the clone will leap vertically and performs corkscrew twist that hits the opponent 3 times. (can dash cancel after the clone appears by pressing any direction key twice).

    Taunt: Aquaria hops onto her cloud and makes it darken and rain in order to create a puddle, she the jumps down and creates a splash.

    Counter: If you tap D after blocking an attack you will summon a water clone in front of you and hop backward if the opponent hits the clone the clone will attack by performing a high kick that faints the opponent. If the opponent does not attack then the clone will simply dissipate after 1 second passes.

    Concept Art:
    - Basic State GIF
    -Basic State Regular
    -Possession State GIF

    - Possession State
    - Male Render
    -Male Render Gif
    -Katana Design
    [Concept Art was done by me on MS paint]
    Programs used: Giphy, MS Paint
    sources used:
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    Post My entry lol, i love vikings so much

    IGN : Hipster

    Hero Name - Erick (Ericka for female)
    Main Weapon - Grey(mainly) and Red Claymore (big sword)
    Side Weapon - Small axe
    ---- Ideally using both when he hits
    BLOCKS - using both weapon in a X form, can DEFLECT.
    -Regular DDDD combo- first two hits with sword, third hit with axe (all flinchers) and fourth hit with both weapons downward causing the ennemy to lift and juggleable. (Third hit slams down airborn opponent). Basic combo is only repeatable 2 times after wich the ennemy should fall.
    -Air DD- First hit with Sword lifts opponent and second hit with axe bounces opponent.
    -Air Hold D- Same function as Barbarian's ground hold d, but airborn.
    -Air down down (v v ) - When mid air, down down will cause u to quickly regain ground and cause a really small hit box uppon landing that flinches ennemies that are immediatly close to you, does not ground hit.
    -Hold d - Swings weapons inward like cisors with both weapon causing a guardbreak that half faints opponent.
    -Input - After every hits, down right (v >), causes Erick to hit downwards with his axe really quickly, causes a quick half faint on standing opponents or a flinch on grounded opponents.
    -Input - " , right right (>>), causes Erick to body slam forward >> causing a flinch similar to regular hit
    -Input - ", left left (<<) to dash backwards << while blocking with both weapons in a X form.
    Hat - Viking hat with horns
    Armor - Old Viking-ish / Barbarian lookin armor, color : black and brow ideally
    Trinket- Old fur cape
    Backstory - Born in a village where war is as common as saying hi to your neighbours and from a glorious conqueror that was his father, Erick had no other choice than to live up to his father's name. He became a savage warrior feared by all the Occident. He is mercyless and is a warrior that needs to quench his thirst for blood and loot with his Clan for power and "glory"..
    Q - Fury - Slams ground with both weapon, causing a faint (similar to impact hat), leading into a chain atk with both weapons dealing blood effect (like apostate's)
    W - Headache - PASSIVE HATSKILL- Does a headbut similar to berserker's hat skill,BLOCKABLE, takes 30 charges, (max gauge= loads up to 60), can hit grounded oponnents, causing a simple flinch with short knockback.
    E - Anger - Teleport to selected enemy (like death note) with a reticule causing a explosion that makes them blow very high and causing them to have fall damage, blood effect, unblockable
    R - Quenched - 360/ Area Of Effect explosion, that stuns nearby opponent for a short period and boost ur teamate's speed and attack output.

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    Default Blacksmith

    IGN: SliesSocks

    Hero Name: Blacksmith

    Backstory: On one fateful day, somebody from your village brings you a brand new anvil. You gladly accept it, and get straight to work, using it. However, upon striking it something goes very wrong, and you are transported through the Timegate, left only with your hammer and the anvil.

    Weapon: A Blacksmith's Hammer. (Can change weapons through his passive.)

    Armor: Leather Smock

    Helmet: Bandana

    Trinket: Anvil

    [Passive/Hold D]
    Up to 3 Charges, Each charge grants a new weapon to be used, each with a new move set. Hit S with the new weapon to revert back to the original hammer.
    The first charge, a flail. The second charge, a Claymore, and the Final charge, a battleaxe.

    [Weapon Skill with Basic Hammer.]
    Hit D three times to send out 3 large seismic waves that stun opponents by hitting the ground with your hammer.

    [Weapon Skill with Flail]
    Begin spinning around rapidly for 2 seconds, causing a bleed effect to anyone who is hit.

    [Weapon Skill with Claymore]
    Spin around until you hit D, upon hitting D, you'll swing the opponent into the air, causing drop damage.

    [Weapon Skill with Battleaxe]
    Slam your axe into the ground, causing a line of rock to emerge, stunning anyone who is hit by it.

    [Armor Skill]
    A very slow charging passive armor that stuns any enemy who attacks the user physically. (This means ranged heroes or heroes with attacks like Wanderer's won't be affected.)

    [Helmet Skill]
    Create an area in front of you that lights on fire, enemies caught in this will have the flame effect put onto them, and will bounce until fireproof is applied. (Similar to Treasure Hunter's armor skill)

    [Trinket Skill]
    You throw an anvil into the sky in order to squash an enemy. Use A and S to swap between enemies, D to throw the anvil.
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    IGN: ProClasClown

    The oldest hero in time has entered the time gate!

    Hero Name - Caveman

    Backstory: Peaceful Place
    After a long and dangerous journey only a handful of them made it to the valley of the herbivores , they lived among and was raised with the plant eating dinosaurs and got strong

    Main Weapon : Club, & Dinosaurs spirits

    Side weapon: Boomerang

    ( R ) - ( SD )
    - Weapon skill :Club sandwich

    (E) - (ASD)
    - Armor skill : T-Rex
    you can set location
    after location is set push D or S
    D: will lauch them upward for fall damge
    S: will stand them up stuned

    (W) - (AD)
    - Helm skill : Invents the wheel
    + D flattens enemy
    +S rolls them away and edges enemy

    (Q) - (AS)
    - Trinket : Tops charge
    can be used in air x2
    can be used on ground X2
    use for air recovery X1

    this event ganna be so much fun to watch, cant wait to see all the heroes everyone comes up with.
    Good Luck y'all
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    Game master seems way to op Q-Q

    But i would Reserve an entry

    Do we enter the hero here or somewhere eles

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    Seems like a winner <.<

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