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    good luck, i'm interested what you guys can brew.

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    IGN: FortuneStalker
    Class: Special
    The electronic dance hero Bassline has broken through the time gate with the power of sick beat drops~!

    Hero Logo: A Music visualizer
    Hero Name - Bassline

    Main Weapon – Bass Gauntlet
    Armor – Amp Armor
    Helm – Visualizer Headgear
    Accessory – Visualizer

    Backstory – After realizing his passion for music he designed a new instrument, the ‘Bass Gauntlet’ that can produce sound as well as images, so he can show the world his new sounds. This Musician has come through the Time Gate to deliver sick Electronic Beats!


    [Weapon Skill]SD –Bass Cannon 1st Stage(uncharged) – Press D twice for a 2 hit faint, then D once more to fire a cone shaped sound wave at enemies that pushes back standing opponents(Blockable but will push back).
    SD – Bass Cannon 2nd Stage (Charged) - Press D twice for a 2 hit faint, then D once more to fire a larger cone shaped sound wave at enemies that hits grounded (Unblockable).

    [Helmet Skill]AD – Beat Drop – Summon a turntable that creates a circular AoE rave party around you that immobilizes enemies and forces them to dance (effect stops when hit), after a few seconds they then get dropped. Teammates inside get added defense.

    [Armor Skill]ASD – Reverb – (Half Faint, Grounded) Recovery that makes close opponents dance.

    [Trinket Skill]AS – XLR Connect! – Summon 3 bars of Bassline energy that lift the enemy high, doing drop damage. (Hits grounded and airborne if close enough to the hitboxes)

    Basics: 4 Hit punches last hit will throw a level that lifts. Can be jump canceled and will lift off stuns and faints.
    Hold D > (A/S/D) – 3 Bar Passive - (Charging effect while choosing the next key will show the visualizer and music will play)
    Hold D > D – Uses 1 passive Bar will throw a level upward that lifts standing and grounded opponents.
    Hold D > S - Uses 2 passive bars will throw out a blast of energy that hits grounded and standing pushing them away.
    Hold D > A - Uses 3 passive bars will summon a turntable that flinches and damages nearby enemies for a period of time.
    Dash Hold D – Run up and blast the enemy with sound causing them to recoil. (Blockable).
    Air Hold D – Bounce an airborne enemy down via sound shockwaves from your shoes. This will combo into more air juggles (similar to staff master).
    Dash Attack – 2 hits Kick the enemy then blast him with a wave of energy that blows backward.

    Defensive Properties:
    Frontal Block
    3 Hit Counter that stuns the opponent(s) around you with a shockwave.

    *Every move is blockable unless specified

    Design(For clarification)
    Pose: Swiping the air to form visualizers.
    Head: Headphones and Visualizer Headgear w/ Mic
    Hair Style: Half Shaven Hair.
    Body: Long Sleeve sweater with Speakers Imprinted, Long Pants.
    Shoes: Spike Studded High Tops with Speakers.

    Pose: Hand up in the air pointing outward
    Head: Headphones and Visualizer Headgear w/ Mic
    Hair Style: Half Shaven Hair.
    Body: Long Sleeve sweater with Speakers Imprinted, Shorts with leggings..
    Shoes: Spike Studded High top Boots with Speakers.

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    Special Forces When

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    is irrelevant ^_^


    Reserved~ may the best creation be made on kls

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    I wanna join in

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    `entry reserved`

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    So we just reply to the thread to participate then?

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    Hero design contest~
    Hero Details:

    Hero name: E-mpty

    E- Everyone's

    Class: Magic[Unique]
    Main Weapon: Forbidden Book of past destruction
    Side weapon: offhand magic (consisting of dark arts and forbidden techniques)
    Blood type: Unknown
    Current Age: drifting through dimensions (too hard to accurately determine)
    Age sent to Dimensions to drift: 26
    Character description: E-mpty is a dimensional magician whos main goal is to get revenge on galaxy and the people who sealed him away to drift for eternity and silence anyone who opposes his goals. E-mpty uses debuffs and strong magic to make his foes suffer the way he has all these years.

    Taunt: E-mpty gets sucked into the dimensional hole that he was sealed away into. He then cuts that space in half, walks out of it and starts to laugh.

    Concept idea : My basis on E-mpty formed around galaxy's taunt. The reason for using his taunt to base my character is because he tries to use his own magic but fails at doing so. The reasoning for this is that Galaxy had to sacrifice half his power to seal away E-mpty in a dimension where he couldn't harm any people around him with his fast growing new power.

    Backstory: E-mpty was an an odd student who studied alongside Galaxy. During their studies each student was given the task to learn magic that was passed down from their family lines along with the techniques offered at the school. E-mpty was already powerful to the point where it isolated him from everyone going to the school. He knew that people only got close to him for his power in fear that it's better to be on his side then to have him as an enemy. There's a core principle at the school that's told to every student and that's.... Dark magic and forbidden arts are banned at the school because these kind of magic only lead to the destruction of others on a scale that's un-repairable for the generations after. A book exists in the school that depicts dark and forbidden magic used from the generations before E-mptys and so on. The book is only kept at the school to represent the destruction and insanity that comes with the power of forbidden and dark magic and everyday E-mpty become more and more obsessed with this book. Till one day he finally stole the book, leaving the whole school in confusion. This book had seals on it that even the highest professors couldn't by pass but E-mpty somehow got through it. When they found out he obtained this book the best magicians of the school had to fight E-mpty in fear of the power he was going to obtain with the book.
    Over 20 magicians failed to stop him that day and it ended up costing them their lives. He continued to read and learn about the forbidden magic concealed in the book until E-mpty was found by Galaxy and his class , but by then E-mpty had already read through the dark/ forbidden information in the book. The only way to stop E-mpty at that point was for Galaxy and his Class to seal away half of their magic from each person to throw E-mpty into another dimension and grab the book. They were able to successfully seal E-mpty but were unable to retrieve the book from E-mpty because history states that anyone who reads this book only brings destruction and Chaos with them everywhere they go and the book attaches itself to the user the second the book is opened. So the book attached itself to E-mpty and E-mpty was banished to another dimension by Galaxy and his class to forever drift endlessly. Drifting in the unknown dimension he built his hatred toward the people who sealed him and knowledge with the forbidden book in hopes that one day he will obtain even greater strength to escape the dimension he's drifting in… To seek his revenge on Galaxy, the members of his class and all people who oppose his new found power.

    [~~BONUS ~~]
    The Forbidden Book of past destruction is very mysterious. Though it's been past down to magicians who have recovered it after the destruction it causes, to be sealed away ... No one really knows the true power of the book... Magicians throughout history have watched the behaviour of this book and the magicians who have previously used it and have come to the conclusion that ... This book chooses what kind of destructive power it's user will have. Meaning, everytime the book is read by a different user, the power bestowed on to them is also different from the previous users of the book... The Magicians have also predicted that the book attach itself to its victims till its destruction is over ...

    It seems it's the Strength and will of the user that awakens what power the book will bestow appon the users....

    Some would even go as far as to say ... That the books pages are ... Empty...

    And that ... "It" ... Speaks ... To the users through writing on its own pages ...

    [Weapon skill]
    Name : Back to the void... Shall we ?

    E-mpty uses the forbidden book and the power of his own magic to create the dimensional void he’s been drifting in all this time. E-mpty’s black hole sucks in all nearby enemies with a massive black hole. Enemies suck in will be affected by dimensional madness and the effect varies when the player press attack, defense or the jump key. At the end of the effect all enemies will be spit back out of the black hole/ dark hole with a massive debuff and damage taken. These debuffs include… slowed movement and reversed key movement, long poisonous effect, flattened effect with defence drop and finally a new debuff called (friend / foe ) which allows heroes to gain a dark hole on their backs that hits nearby teammates/ themselves for 4 seconds. (Only one debuff will be applied when the skill is used).[Grounded recovery version makes a big ground based black hole( gravity increased and will suck foes in if close to a certain extent]. [Air version makes a huge black hole around E-mpty's body for more reach][air use use covers most of the screen and has wide horizontal distance ]. [on regular standing E-mpty makes the black hole above his foes lifting them off the ground.]

    [Helm skill]
    Name : Meet My New Friends

    E-mpty throws his mask up into the air and Summons 3 different monsters every time it's used. Depending on what key the player pressed (jump attack of defend) will have a different effect. Regardless of the dimensional monster, they all do homing attacks with debuffs that hit all nearby enemies. The monsters are spawned behind a black hole dimension that E-mpty makes by throwing his mask into the air. The monsters summon include: A red dragon that spits fire, butterfly’s that stick to their targets and explode (leaving a dust effect that debuffs) , a demon that binds players in place, A star warrior that joins all enemies hit with it together , an after image that torments the enemies it latches onto with a debuff and finally a forgotten corrupted warrior that throws legendary blades that stab into their targets and leave them bleeding / slowed slightly. ( 3 monsters will be summoned from the portal at random each time the skill is used ). [ Can be used in air and E-mpty will stand on a portal while using it in air].

    [Armor skill]
    Name: No Place Like Home~

    E-mpty reaches into the hole thats in his chest to summon a black hole which grows and expands over time. The black hole is for about 8 sec and is casted widely across the map. This skill remains above the heads of all characters and moves in a direction of E-mptys foes (similar to Thunderbird Trinket). This skill rains down dimensional junk and shards from space which inflict all Foes close to it will a flattened de-buff (which reduces foes defense and slight movement reduction). After the duration's end, E-mpty's portal lifts near by enemies off the ground into the portal above and scatters them in random directions with a bounce effect.[skill maybe used in the air]

    [Trinket skill]
    Name: Care to Know How It Feels?

    E-mpty remembers the suffering he's went through by being sealed away and uses those feelings in every attack he does. [This skill is a passive/skill]
    Every time E-mpty is able to successfully land a attack it charges his passive meter. The passive has a maximum charge of 150 meter and is charged by 10/ hit and the skills availability unlocks at 50 passive. Each charge of the passive does various effects and changes after every charge of 50. so [50-90 are the same effect , 100-140 are the same effect and but different from the 50-90 charge and 150 is a completely different effect from the 50-90 and the 100-140 charges]. The 50-90 effect allows E-mpty to freeze a foe in place completely by putting a dimensional cloud on top of their head[freeze as in completely stopping their moment or action (picks up off grounded) Effect last 1 sec] 100-140 of the passive/skill will allow E-mpty to mark a foe with a dimensional debuff that does a random status effect to them(being poison, slow, reverse keys, inner fire damage ect. Effect last 3 sec) and the max charge of this trinket being 150 will be...
    E-mpty sucks in 1 of his foes into his dimension, E-mpty and that character vanish, E-mpty and that character then pop back out and E-mpty would switch out his target for another one of their characters after they're spit back out. [E-mpty and the foe come out of the void/dimension at the same time but the foe is bounced onto the ground. Effect lasts 4 sec then the character is reverted back to the original hero that player was on before being sucked up into the void].[Close range skill a.o.e on final charge... foe must be CLOSE]
    [Passive/skill must be activated like a normal skill by pressing the trinket key at the appropriate charge depending on what effect the player wants to happen]. ( Skill is subject to change but this is the foundation of the idea)[durring the activation time, the player may choose to press jump to lower the number of passive used for the previous effects of charge. Only that set number will be used and not the whole passive ]. [Passive maybe used in the air].

    Flattened= (shrinks hero's like dwarf mode )

    [Full fighting style]

    [Half d effect][ Half D name: prekid veze ]
    uses the book of forbidden arts to attack foes with 1 /3 debuffs depending on what key is pressed after, ( being jump, attack, or defend)[ranged attack][consumes 1 passive each time][blockable][this counts for 1 tick on E-mptys passive and combos well with initial basic attacks or juggles][air half d travels diagonally while ground half d travels horizontally to foes][half d can be used in air and both half d and hold d slightly track foes with their individual projectiles]

    [Hold D effect] [Hold D Name: Begin van je einde]
    E-mpty creates a dimensional portal behind his foes that sucks them in [vacuum effect], temporarily taking them out of the battle for a duration of about 1 second. once the foe pops out reset with a de-buff that's the same duration as the time they were in the dimensional portal. ( foes will be reset in a way that allows the player to combo/ capitalize on them popping back out of the portal. [consumes 3 passive].[blockable but hits from behind][blockable on initial potential sucking animation but not after] .[sucks foes in on grounded status]. [pulls in no more then 1 foe]. [hold d will have a limiter if the combo is not original]

    [E-mpty signature passive]
    [Passive name:καταστροφική κατάσταση ]
    [has a passive counter of 20] [total is 20 starts at 0]. Every time E-mpty hits foes it corrupts his foes with different debufs for .5 seconds[random debuff of poison, sorcerer slow], ect. Once these debuffs have been applied on a player a total of 7 times, the player will be sucked up into a portal similar to the passive regardless of where they are and re-appear in the air. They will then take drop damage [being mini bounce or full on drop damage]. [this will be activated after the player presses the attack key again and inputs ↓<].[ debuff counter will be displayed on players head each time and indicate the number they're on (similar to black spear)].[ this allows players to reset their combos and consumes 4 passive].[unblockable]. [pulls in no more then 2 foes if the second foe is close to the one fully affected by the corruption].[passive effect charges when E-mpty preforms any action(being running jump attack or basic movement) at a decent rate and will charged at a delayed rate after E-mpty preforms his half d or hold d skills by .5 sec till the next charge of the passive].
    E-mpty can also sacrifice all his current passive to escape 1 combo by self-destructing his body look-a-like and throwing his book into the void.[foes hit with this will have flame status put on them and be knocked back a slight distance(foes will be put in grounded status after being hit)].[E-mpty will re-appear with his book in the same spot he uses this action] [When this is used passive stops charging for a set period of about 3 seconds before its it can be used again] [E-mpty's passive meter must be above 10 to preform this action].[to preform this action with regular combos E-mpty must attack or be attacking and input ↓> ] regular use of this action consumes 5 passive].[E-mpty will have a second of delayed movement after use and will be wide open if he misses on regular use for a second this also applies on 10 use of the passive].[same input applies to 10 use when attacked] [Explosion will hit grounded foes]
    [Passive meter does not stay when the player swaps] < [will turn to 0][Escape Explosion: blockable on normal use with less cooldown. (normal use being Incorporated in a combo) (less vulnerable on body regin and body will re-gen faster then when its used while being attacked] [Unblockable when E-mpty is attacked but extremely vulnerable after]

    [Jump hold D] [Jump hold D name : La destination est la mÍme]
    E-mpty summons a dimensional portal below his feet which sucks in all foes close to it including E-mpty.[very close range so expected max 2 people to be sucked into the portal] E-mpty then lunges through the portal with his foes and bounces them.[this allows for combo extension options].[initial bounce effect applies 1 tick for E-mptys passive]. [jump hold D has a limiter so its not spammed if the combo is not original]. [consumes 2 passive].[depending on the height will depend on how long the portal below is held, so for air combos E-mpty and the foe will drop straight down into the hole and extend the combo from there]

    [Dash hold D][Dash Hold D name: ファイズシフト]
    E-mpty will switch places with his foe in range and bind their body in place after the switch.[ allows for resets of combos or a potential combo initializer][consumes 2 passive].[ability to switch spots with grounded foes].[still binds grounded foes but only allows for 1 additional hit after.][E-mpty will still have standing status and they will still keep grounded status.][can combo on ground hit version if used smartly].

    [Standard D attacks] Various combinations of the forbidden book and off hand magic he knows, feints/ stuns at the end of the combo.[basics combo off itself a max of 2 times and are jump cancable on every hit]

    [Dashing Standard d] two hit launcher. [ for ground biased combos or air combos].[launcher combos with itself a max of 2 times and initial use is counted]

    [Standard jumping D] Various combinations of the forbidden book and off hand magic he knows, but the last hit is a dimensional portal that the foe falls into and E-mpty jumps into too. Both E-mpty and the foe re-appear above their initial height slightly for extended air combos][combo limits after 3 uses in the same combo].[incorporate Half d and hold d options for various unique combos and combo extenders.] [drop damage combo potential with dash air or even bouncing reset with jumping air hold D].

    [Jumping air dash]
    [Jumping air dash name : penyapu keseimbangan astral]
    E-mpty kicks diagonally down to where his foe is and places his book above his head to lock foes in a dimensional bind that the book makes for 1 sec.[E-mpty floats under a portal if this is used during an air combo in the same spot the hit connects with the foe.] [can only be used a maximum of 2 times during an air combo, E-mpty may jump after if the foe is stunned in air while the book is holding them for extended air combos][air hold is activated by pressing a the attack key a second time.[regular hit(grounded foe standing) without hold bounces enemies][regular connection(grounded foe standing) with hold will bounce that foe and keep them held in air for 1 sec without E-mpty standing on a portal below(because he'll be on the ground).][Has the ability to move away from the book on ground hold connection(combo starter use)].[consumes no passive]

    [E-mpty special dash]
    [special movement name : passo infedele]
    E-mpty will telaport behind his foes at the cost of 1 passive meter by imputing << or>> ^^ or ↓↓.(using dimensional hole). E-mpty's regular run will activate when the player presses the directional keys at a delayed rate. [the game will recognize the difference of >>imput and > >] [regular run consumes no passive][Movement feels like iori/ mai movement][Teleport for mixup if needed and regular run]

    [E-mptys jump][Name: 普遍- 站][< two different words ]
    Double jump and pressing the jump key again will allow E-mpty to stand on a dimensional void.[This will allow E-mpty to stand in the air for a set period of time similar to his air dash allowing for bonus mix-up]

    Block: 360 dimensional block (with deflect)
    Counter name: 이제 너 나보고 ... 너 한 번도 못 기다려
    Counter: E-mpty steps back quickly into his dimensional portal. He then proceeds to re-appear in the direction the player choose and faints his target. [ Re-appears behind, in front, beside(top) beside(bottom) diagonal(left)/(right) ect][applies 1 tick of passive hit][not a deflect counter just a counter][fast counter but blockable]
    [similar to robin]


    [Concept art]
    Created by Cameron Cunningham (without you the look and feel of the character wouldn’t be possible)[this man put in so much work, from the overall look of how i wanted the character to be to the skills, i'm forever in your debt and cant thank you enough, again... thanks ~]

    [original concept art and early foundation]

    [E-mpty's skills]

    [Polished versions of E-mpty [male and female with skills)(the way the trinket looks from the back is at the top of the page]

    (i wanted the jacket to look cosmic black or cosmic purple or just black or just purple but i didn't want it to blend in with the legs of the hero so i didn't add the color ... thanks again cameron)
    {the lost saga symbol for E-mpty will just be "lost [insert mask he's currently wearing]Saga"}
    [the wings are suppose to have a glitch-like effect where they dim and brighten each time]

    [Final thoughts?]
    I want E-mpty to be a lasting hero in the game regardless of meta or changes that are put ahead of him.
    By: Delano < [Even doe the ign is at the bottom lol]
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    - IGN : Delano

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    Hero Name: Grenadier
    Main Weapon: Battle Rifle with under barrel grenade launcher and bayonet. Weapon holds 10 rounds.
    Armor- Tank top with black combat pants and boots with ammo bandolier.
    Helm- Military cap
    Trinket- Stick grenades
    Basic Attack(DDD)- does a basic 3 strike attack. The third attack faints by shooting a under barrel grenade.. Repetition of basic attack can lift enemy and knocks down enemy.
    Quick Aim- Hold D to shoot weapon. Fires a 2 round burst.
    Precision Aim- Hold D for a while for a more powerful attack. Also fires 2 round burst.
    Jump- Press A for jump. Hold A for high jump.
    Dash- Press directional keys twice in any direction to run.
    Dash Attack- Initiate Dash Attack by pressing D while running to stab enemy with rifle, resulting in half faint. Press A after first attack to fire grenade. Can break armor and knockback enemy back.
    Counter. After successful block, Grenadier uses weapon to slash enemy, resulting in a faint.
    Reload- After weapon runs out of ammo, Grenadier automatically initiates reloading. Can jump cancel during reloads.
    Background Story- Before the Grenadier took up arms to fight against the enemies of her homeland, she was a homemaker with a family and a warm, happy home. During a trip back home after finishing errands, enemy bombers began to attack her homeland. After seeing her family destroyed by the enemy, she vows to fight against the foreign invaders by taking up arms and driving them out from her home.
    Weapon Skill/R- Bombardment- Rapidly load the grenade launcher, and unleash a flurry of explosive grenades at a area. Fires at a arc.
    Armor Skill/E- For the Motherland!- Yelling "For the Motherland!", increases overall damage and movement speed. Basic attacks can break armor. Also can give nearby allies the same status.
    Helm Skill/W- Love the smell of napalm- Calls in a incendiary mortar strike on a designated location
    Trinket Skill/Q- Got a present for you!- Pulls out stick grenades and lobs them at enemy. Hold D to increase throwing range. Can attack up to 3 times.

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    Name: Commander

    Backstory: The Commander was the leader of the greatest manned force in the world. Everyone against the Commander's forces feared them above all, and as everyone had just this one thing to go against, they set aside their differences for safety and survival achieving a pseudo world peace. Though the Commander knew the entire world feared and dreaded it's forces, they kept their world, their teammates and family, together. This lasted until a battle between the Commander and an opposing force ended with the Commander's mysterious disappearance. With the strongest force's leader gone from their world and it's faction finally vulnerable, chaos may soon unfold between the world and the Commander's forces. Determined to prevent this, the Commander rally's up allies in this new land to survive and find a way back, possibly with a stronger force than ever before...

    Playstyle: The head force of a large unit, the Commander is one who's grand voice reaches all, whether they're reinforcing their team or dominating against the opponents. Commander focuses on supporting it's team and hindering it's opponents. Alone, it is still capable of calling in brief support for it's attacks and holding it's own, but it truly shines when with a team to command.

    Passive Meter: Calling support or using the A, S, or D attack while on a stand all consume 1 passive each. Commander has 3 passive. Alternatively, each passive use will use up 33% of a 99% total passive meter. The passive will normally always regenerate, but will not regenerate when attacking, airborne, or speaking on a stand.

    Passive: Call support. Pressing S while floored/airborne/attacking with enough passive will summon a soldier which will perform an action based on the situation. If floored, the soldier will shield you from attacks. If in the air or falling, the soldier will boost you similar to an extra jump. If attacking, the soldier will add an unblockable attack.

    Hold D: Stand Setup. Hold the attack key to set up a microphone stand with wheels. Continuing to hold the attack key will upgrade the stand into a podium with wheels, and finally a small mobile command center. This does not use passive on it's own and only two can be set up at a time. The stand can be destroyed, but gets more durable as it's leveled up. The stand is normally useless on it's own, but can be jumped on. Stands do not expire until you switch characters or they are destroyed by an enemy. It takes a while to upgrade the stand (Longer than Engineer takes to upgrade a turret).

    Hold A: Command. Holding the jump key will perform a regular jump. However, if there is a stand/podium/command center set up and you are in the radius of it, instantly warp to the stand and begin speaking. Holding A while on a stand will have you leave it, letting you return and continue later if it's still not destroyed. While speaking on the stand, you are still able to move, and dash, but not jump. Movement speed differs and decreases as the stand's level increases, with the Command Center (Level 3/Max) moving the slowest, and the Microphone Stand (Level 1) moving the fastest. While speaking on the stand, allies within range will receive buffs. The range and effects/buffs, as well as their durations increase depending on the stand's level. If on a podium or command center, enemies within range will also receive debuffs.
    While on any level of the stand, you have access to 3 moves with the use of the A/Jump Key S/Block Key and the D/Attack Key. A will reapply the buffs and debuffs of the stand you are on. S will summon soldiers that seek out nearby enemies to attack around yourself, while D will perform an attack. Both have increased effects depending on the stand's level. Holding D while on a stand will still allow you to increase it's level if possible. All effects stop and the stand is destroyed if you switch characters. Effects persist if you are still the Commander while you're not on the stand however.

    Stand Level 1: The Microphone stand (Level 1) can take a bit of damage and will only take hits from the front for you, meaning if you are hit from behind, you will fall out of it. Teammates in range receive a small all stats boost. The boost is short, but pressing A will reapply it. Only 1 soldier can be spawned when pressing S, for a maximum of 3 soldiers. D will have you slam the stand on the ground, knocking enemies down and hitting any already downed enemies.
    Stand Level 2: The Podium (Level 2) can take much more damage, still only from the front. Teammates in range receive a small all stats boost. Enemies have reduced stats. The boosts and debuffs are longer, but still must be reapplied with A when necessary. S will spawn 2 soldiers for a maximum of 6. D will have you shout and fear all enemies within range (Cower and run away as if hit by werewolf armor).
    Stand Level 3: The Command Center (Level 3) can take more damage than an infantryman barricade and will take hits from all directions, keeping you from falling out unless it's destroyed. Teammates in range receive a large all stats boost and gradually heal. Enemies in range have reduced stats and gradually take damage. The boosts and debuffs last as long as you are speaking on the stand. Instead of reapplying, pressing A will give enemies within range a random status effect. S will spawn 3 soldiers in total for a maximum of 9. D will have you fire homing rockets to all opponents in range.

    Main Weapon: Communicator/Phone - A communicator to quickly contact others from a distance. Capable of calling in support within seconds. Because of it's importance, it's running on a rechargeable energy source, capable of charging just by idling or running.
    [R] Weapon Skill: Ultimate Mech - (Active) Call in a mech capable of automated support. The mech is treated like a stand (see passives) with global/map-wide range, and will also seek out nearby enemies. The user can warp into it to pilot it directly from any range if the A key is held. The mech will start to return to you if the enemy goes too far from you. If piloting the mech after the A key is held, you will control it's movement, also being able to attack and defend. Pressing A while piloting will make the mech jump, and holding A will eject into the air from it. The mech lasts a while and can be destroyed directly by damage.

    Ultimate Mech moves:
    The mech floats and will keep it's height if going over any holes/drop zones.
    A: Jump. The mech will jump up into the air slightly.
    Hold A: Eject. The Commander will eject out of the mech and into the air.
    S: Shield. The mech will create a large shield that blocks all attacks from where it's facing, as long as the button is held.
    D: Attack. The mech will perform an attack. A combo can be done if pressed repetitively.
    Hold D: Missiles. The mech will lock on to enemies and fire missiles when the key is released.
    R/Weapon Skill: Self Destruct. The mech will pull in any nearby opponents and countdown to self destruction. The explosion will damage anyone, allies and self included.

    Armor: A dark blue, formal and surprisingly durable military suit for serious situations. Despite not mainly being on the front lines, one must always be prepared as well as have an encouraging appearance for their team. Many medals show the wearer's worth to their team, as well as help show the enemy exactly who they're up against. The buttons it has... don't do much to help that. There are many marks, signs of conflicts the wearer experienced...
    [E] Armor Skill: All For One... (One For All...) - (Active) Take the damage that a selected teammate would take for yourself instead (effectively giving them infinite health until yours runs out), or if there are none, take increased damage (reduced defense) for a period of time. The skill can be used again while active to activate it's second effect (One For All). Deal all the damage taken during the period the skill was active to all members of the enemy team. If you have no health, the skill cannot be used, but if the skill is already in use, the second part can still be used.

    Helmet: Commander's hat - A dark blue military hat that completes the commander's look. The designs on it's front seem to further increase the amount of authority the wearer holds. Compared to the armor, this is in an impossibly pristine shape. Perhaps it's a new one after every conflict... Nevertheless, those that gaze upon it are filled with hope as it shines within the battlefield.
    [W] Helmet Skill: Hope - (Active) Call in a random set of 4 gears (random weapon, random trinket, random armor, and a random helmet) to be dropped around you. Anyone (enemies and teammates alike) can pick these up. If this helmet is stripped off of you while it's charged (Boxer Trinket, Hook Helm), immediately become invincible for a short amount of time.

    Trinket: A hover pack mainly for enhanced, controlled mobility. In order to compete and surpass with those who rule the sky, these hover packs were made with free, varied flight in mind, as opposed to the jetpacks with limited purposes. It may seem like a simple backpack at first glance, but the hover pack reveals thrusters when it's in use.
    [Q] Trinket Skill: Enhanced Flight! - (Passive) Replaces the character's 2nd jump with the hover pack's mechanics. Does not replace Super Jumps. Enables you to jump again in midair with the use of the passive. Holding the jump key will cause you to begin to float down slowly, as if using wings. If you press the jump key while falling or knocked down with passive ready, you will boost upwards, as if jumping, allowing you to recover. The passive charges similar to Wingsuit, with the gauge charging even while in midair, but the numbered passive only charging when standing/walking/running. The numbered passive determines the hover pack jumps, with a maximum of 3, while the skill gauge determines the floating. If you have no numbered passive for a jump, you will float or double jump (if the character can double jump) instead.

    IGN: Miniking

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