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    Default I crash at 12% when entering game

    This started happening yesterday. Everything seems fine until i try to join a game. The game seems to crash at 12% and i get an error message window but no number.

    Here is a screenshot of the window

    I already uninstalled the game and deleted everything. No changes were made to my computer that i'm aware off.

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    Your in-game resolution may be larger than your pc resolution. Please check if this is the case and let me know

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    Try starting one game while game is in window mode then go back to full screen. Your first load usually takes a while make sure you don't press anything which might make the game unresponsive, I get that error rarely.
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    It's a resolution problem. I had this problem too and solved it.
    Verify your screen resolution on pc properties.
    Than change in game resolution and put the most similar to your screen resolution on:

    Than i think it will work. No need to uninstall

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