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    Default permanently blocked

    IGN: btreek]
    suspension duration: permanent
    Rank: Marshall
    status: honorable VIP
    Reason: malicious software
    My reply: My account got abused by someone who got access to it, I reported before about my stolen data and i did my cautions after my phone lost but unfortunately was not good enough as all of my information was saved on it, you can check this out >>> ANN-994-52256
    I believe that the guy who stole it set me up for a permanent block. I noticed a suspicious behavior of my account in the last couple of days before it was banned but all i can prove that i changed the account password and its email several times as i received notifications on my phone that someone had access to my email. i swear i had never get my hands on any kind of hack and i have been an honorable vip for almost two years and i contested to be one of the top players in three events and i have won eight permanent weapons and two permanent costume gear out of the three events as being one of the top players with my previous IGN: CoRbiN
    I'm sorry about any violation my account may ever cause and whatever happened it's all my fault and i should've be more carefully, i invested so much money in this game and my account end up being blocked for life, I love my account and my collections so i would never do anything stupid to it and i'm not ready to give up on my account.
    i have sent so many tickets to the support trying to clear that up but they just keep ignore it and they will not reply for further requests.
    Hopefully you would understand my situation and help out please.

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    i am sorry for your loss bruh but i don't think they would give it back to you

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    1. This has nothing to do on the forum since nobody here can help you.
    2. If u noticed that something is wrong with your account you should have contacted the support staff right away.
    3. The account won't get unbanned no matter what. It's the account who's hacked with therefor the account stays banned even if you weren't the one hacking with it.
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