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    Default [Spoilers] 8/8 Gear Update

    Skill Name
    Bug Armor
    Fly, Grasshoppers!
    Summon a locust swarm to attack targets
    Spirit Master Cap
    Spirit Control
    Seperate your spirit and control the target's body
    Guardian Cape
    Shield Belt
    Create a shield around yourself that blocks projectiles

    Additionally, you can now see the name of the player submitting gear entries into the gear market.

    Mercenary and Gear Balance Changes

    Mercenary 50, Ragna the Bloodedge
    - First hit of semi-hold D attack changed to faint on hit.
    - Full hold D attack changed to have ground hit and HP absorption property.

    Mercenary 76, Sorcerer
    - Charged ice dash attack changed to not stand up the target when frozen.

    Mercenary 190, Kung Fu Master
    - Fixed an issue where hitting two air attacks did not stand the opponent up properly.

    Mutant Cloak
    - Movement speed of the attack slightly decreased.
    - Guard break property removed.
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    I love that Trinket tbh... I wish it was a party buff though, like Templar Master's cape.
    I hope Special Forces comes out soon...

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