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    Lightbulb Hero/Item = buff/Nerf List

    Ok so i want some help Listing out what we know that is nerfed or what is buffed up,

    Class: Mephisto

    Trinket now blockable;
    passive gauge slowed down to 1 point per sec;
    Dash hold D now Blockable
    Armor power reduced by 30%
    Helm power reduced by 15%

    Gauge> increases 2 point per hit and 1 point per successful block

    Class: Crow
    Nerfs: Armor no longer hits 100% accurate
    Class:Soul Master
    Nerfs:need info
    Buffs:need info
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Store: Clover shop

    Female: Gaint Grim x1 [25c]
    Gear refiner:lucky hero scroll x1 [100c]
    Gold pro extender: Monster coin x1 [20c]
    Nickname changer: Win or lose x1 [10c]
    Silver pro extrender: Supply Chest [25c]
    Megaphone: perm legendary gear chest [555c]

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    New setups

    Old HQ Hero Tryouts
    Guild homepage
    New map/Plaza: Magic academy
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