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    Default What were the buffs and nerfs

    someone post them

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    Chain Mage was gutted.

    Air Hold D no longer lifts grounded units
    Can no longer air juggle
    Can no longer dash juggle
    Dash attack slowed
    3rd air attack no longer slams down
    Slight movement speed decrease
    Slight attack decrease
    Attempting to hold D a standing unit, 3 air attack combo, then hold D no longer re-lifts you.

    Side note; Mephisto can basically no longer be considered a unique. His passive gauge now charges 1 charge PER SECOND, meaning if you want that get outta jail free passive, you have to wait a full 40 seconds (of not attacking and not getting hit) to be able to get enough of a charge.
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    As far as I know, buffs and nerfs in those modes like Power Stone's aura will charge your skills faster.
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