Attention Mercenaries,

Monthly Mixup is a recurring event that utilizes the missions system to reward you with awesome prizes!

Summer is in full swing and school's out! Time to relax, have fun, and keep up with Monthly Mixup! The July edition has arrived, but the rules are the same. BetweenJuly 1st and July 31st, complete a daily mission on 15 different days in July.

If you succeed, you earn:

M4A1-Bronze (30 Days)
Mauser M1896-Gold (30 Days)
Bulletproof Helmet (30 days)
Bulletproof Vest (30 days)

We will be distributing the Monthly Mixup Ribbon to those who have successfully completed this event once it is over.

*In order to keep the ribbon in your collection, you will have to complete the event every month.

You can check your progress

Enjoy, mercenaries!

--CrossFire Staff