Attention Mercenaries,

So you've purchased the M4A1-S-RADIANT BEAST. You've designed and redesigned your perfect weapon skin. Now how about getting back the ZP you spent on it?

From now until July 9th, you can submit YOUR Radiant Beast customization for a chance to receive the ZP back that you spent!

To enter, you must submit an in-game screenshot of your Radiant Beast via the 'Radiant Redesign' section on our support system with the following rules:

- You must add your submission image, IGN and Forum Name in the ticket
- You must own the weapon and the image must be taken from your account, holding the gun IN-GAME. You cannot submit an image of someone else holding the weapon, or one that you picked up (we will check that you own it).
- Images can not be altered in any way. This means that you cannot use photoshop, MS paint, overlays, markings, etc. Videos and animated images will also not be accepted.
- You can only submit ONE design. If you submit multiple designs to this contest, only the first design will count and the rest will be deleted.
- Submissions are first-come, first-serve. This means if two people submit the same design, the first person to submit it will count, not the second person.

The top 5 submissions chosen by the GM team will get back the ZP they spent of the weapon, and will have it displayed in this thread!

Get to designing, Mercenaries!


IGN: Danah

IGN: Snake?

IGN: Blackmeow*

IGN: Angelic

IGN: Gerrit

Congratulations to our winners! Keep an eye out for your ZP spent on the weapon back later this week!

-CrossFire Team