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    Default [Hero Design Contest Ideas] - Basic Drafts / Concepts

    Just quicklky throwing this together to help describe some of my hero design contest entries in a farm room. I'll perhaps come back to this thread and make it prettier, but that wont likely be today.

    Magic Gunner:

    Basically a ranged version of Sorc and Demonblade.

    Weapon is a gun, Helmet is a glass eye (GD-able), armor and trinket are still up in the air.

    Skills will each be cominations of Fire, Ice, Light, and Dark. (Sorc and Demonblade elements)

    Heavy Bolt:

    Heavy Crossbowman. Weapon is a giant crossbow and a small rapier / blade. Bolts act like Chieftan and Odin spears.

    Potion Brewer / Apothecary :

    And many more, will update later.
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    man some of these are extremely annoying to read

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