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    EDIT: god freaking typos... Experiment guild not "experment"... Guess it just slipped past me... Anyways...

    (Currently Recruiting)
    The name is self-explanatory, I'm making this guild and recruiting players who'd like to test different things in-battle, plazas, or hq. Want to test whether a hero is lag sense? Want to see how you can use prisoner maps to your advantage? How much damage does a combo do on an actual player? this guild is for things like that. It'll provide a community of like-minded players who are free to experiment and test whatever they choose. Pretty much the only requirement is for you to be reasonable active and willing to help when someone is testing something.

    I'm personally planning to make a big compilation of great spots in different maps for Crazy Sapper mines. So if anyone is interested in helping me with that, let me know as well.
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