As the title states.

I was thinking that as a community we can host Non-Prize Events (NPE) or Non-Prize Competitions (NPC) in which a great many artists come together to design something of a certain theme.

- The theme could range anywhere from a freestyle to the most accurate attempt of cosplay of a particular character.

The obvious upside to these kinds of events is that since there is no funding required the process of participation would be extremely simple. In addition, many people may find it easier to be more creative since they neither win something nor lose anything from these styles of events. Lastly, since there isn't funding required it would be extremely easy to make this a repetitive event, like a "Challenge of the Month".

The obvious downside is that there's not much incentive. If there's no prize, there's not much obligation or interest for people to participate, and so may get bored.

Overall I think this would be a great way to build a larger and more positive gear designing community, encourage and improve gear-designing techniques, and just show off some great gear-designs.

So, what's your opinion?