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    Unhappy Launcher issue since 5/16/17 10:30 pm CST

    ok so i was playing lost saga a sec ago then all sudden my laptop crashes ( normal) but what was not normal is when i loaded lost saga back off a Virus protection i got rid of ages ago appeared and is stopping me form playing the game

    message appeared from a removed Mc Afee
    About this trojan
    Detected New
    Quarantined From
    //C:[my name user]/appdata/local/microsoft/windows/temp files/internet file/content.IE5/7PIZL0NG/XTrap[1].xt
    due this trans cerconstance i cant play lost saga at all and i need help fixing it

    thou after that weird removed mc afee problem this appears

    Ver : 49047
    --- System Requirements ---
    OS : Microsoft Windows NT / BuildNumber:7601/ MajorVersion:6/ MinorVersion:1/ PlatformId:2/ CSDVersion:Service Pack 1/ ServicePackMajor:1/ ServicePackMinor:0/ ProductType:1
    CPU : PentiumII (0.25) / ID:Intel Corporation /TYPE:0 /FamilyID:6 /ModelID:5 /Code:5
    Ram : Total:3766MB / Avail:2333MB / Load:38%
    HDD : Total:458405MB / Remain:342231MB

    --- Error Information ---
    Failed to launch the Lost Saga client.
    (error code:226)

    So can anyone help me out with this issue i really want to start playing again... i hate missing out on things

    Note: i have tried System restoring 3 day b4 this even happened but didn;t fix it
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    A system restore wouldn't have fixed it because system restores specifically leave out personal files, and only focus on things like the key registry, system files, drivers, etc. A game would count as personal files, just like a word doc would.

    The first question is: Have you tried re-installing yet? From what I can tell, McAfee (garbage product) removed a file from the game's folder, which is likely why the game is failing to launch. A handy representation of our missing heroes! For all your LS background needs!

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