Attention Mercenaries,

Find out how you can get a
Kriss Super V-JHP-Ares below:

For a limited time, you’ll be able to find CrossFire branded MOLPoints Rixty Game Cards in GameStop or Best Buy locations all across the US!

Players that buy a Game Card at any US GameStop or Best Buy location and load it with any amount between $10 and $500 will be eligible for a free
Kriss Super V-JHP-Ares


  1. Go to any Gamestop or Best Buy location and purchase a Rixty MOL Points Card
  2. Load the card with any amount between $10 and $500
  3. Redeem the card on the Rixty GameStop Page OR Rixty BestBuy Page
  4. You can Purchase ZP on CrossFire and your FREE ITEM code will be delivered to you by email!
  5. Redeem your free item code HERE to receive your item to your account!

Cards purchased from Gamestop or Best Buy will give a 30 day
Kriss Super V-JHP-Ares!

Enjoy The Weapons!