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    Default Question about Kim Yun Seong

    The question is if he is playable in NA. What I mean is if he is like phantom. Phantom's hold d is really buggy on NA. So I am asking before I buy kim and become disappointed.

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    Kim's combos do work.
    The only problem is that due to lag they will be delayed slightly.
    Just like other heroes like dokkabie air attack, staff master air attack, hawkeye dash attack, ect. It will wait for the delay before it pops u back up into the air allowing you to finally proceed to do the next attack.
    This being said, Kim can combo, there are new combos because of this, but the drop damage combo wont be fast enough depending on you and the other persons connection to actually cause drop damage but the actual combo can be done.
    I really enjoy Kim myself even though the delay can be annoying at times but other than that its nice hero, just will take some time to get used to.

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