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    Default Returning Player - Question About Hero Package

    So I've been playing Lost Saga since the OGPlanet days and I've been following it around since then.

    I took a break from Lost Saga for about three months because school was getting harder and it was hard to focus on Lost Saga after a while. I returned recently and there are new heroes that I see that I want (ex. Hades).

    But I was wondering, is the Perm Hero Package actually updated, or no? I've heard people go around and say that the Perm Hero Package is never really updated so it won't include some of the new characters in the server and I was wondering if it was true or not. What is the updated list of heroes in the package?
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    Every two weeks after a new "normal" hero has been released, Permanent Hero Packages are updated accordingly.
    This means characters like Iron Knight, Barbarian, Hades, or Fencer are included.
    This also means characters like Swordsman Baek, Iori Yagami, Maid, Succubus, or Chain Mage are NOT included as they're premium or rare.

    So if you want the most recent hero who isn't premium or rare that's available in the shop for GP (rank ignored), then you can get it with full styles after two weeks of waiting.

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