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    Default EX-Family (guild)

    Hello I wouldl ike to start by saying thanks for clicking on the post.

    This guild has members who are active, has fun and talk. We also have a website and discord but as of now is it private for members only.

    New Members:
    - FP: We don't bother with it but if you want to add friend we will earn a bit to unlock more slots.
    - All skill lvl and Ranks are welcome.

    This guild is currently recruiting.
    Looking for players
    - Be active: (at least 10hours a week)
    - We are on mostly in the evening around 9pm central times. (sometimes sooner /sometime later)
    - Treat all guild members with kindness and respect.
    You can reply to this post or PM/ Mail me in game; ing: Sacrier
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