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Hey everyone. I am unfortunately the bearer of bad news. At this time we have decided to cancel the weekly livestream until further notice. This will not be permanent, and we will have occasional streams in the future so keep an eye out here for announcements regarding any upcoming streams. In general, the stream has become a little stagnant, and it is no longer as impressive or as important as it needs to be. As we focus on other projects and rework making the stream the best possible stream it can be for you guys, we thank you for your patience. We would also like to thank everyone that comes out to streams frequently (and even those who only stopped by once or twice) for making it as fun as it was. We can only hope you guys had as much fun too

This is not good bye to the stream. Its see-you-later.

-CrossFire Team
I don't play as much anymore, but I always watch/play the stream, and have done for at least a year now...
It's such a shame to hear, but I'm glad it's not a permanent goodbye...

I'll have to find something else to do on my fridays