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    Default Neosaga(Guild)

    Status: Active
    Allies: DragonHeart, Immortality, Haroshiba, RedMisery, -Hidden-Leaf, ********Soul
    Faction: Order
    #of Members: 13

    This guild has members who are active, has fun, talk, and occasionally have rival guild battles.

    New Members:
    - FP isnt stressed but it helps the guild if you can earn FP by any means. So you can fight with Guildmates, solo (ladder), or other non guild members.
    - You dont have to have a certain skill lvl. If your not good thats ok, you'll get better (or not), doesn't matter.

    This guild is currently recruiting.
    Looking for players
    - who are on often (at least 3-4 times a week)
    - who communicate (communication is necessary and an important part of a being a guildmate)
    - who interact with other guild members

    (Will make adjustments to this later)
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