What is your ign?
my name is principal, Principal, PRINCIPAL, principaL

Why are you interested in joining our guild?
i saw that there are lots of ladies in this guild and they need a real MAN to protect them and i am the way
i love protecting wimminz and since cus of that i wanted to protect u ladies

How active are you in game?
im on 24/7 (more like 48/7 thought lol!)
my libido very high too

What is your favorite hero/main?
i play destroyers because they are mainly heroes who protect women and i am very protective of my women

What is your rank?
major 2nd clas

Why did you choose to apply to our guild over other guilds?
i like this guild because everyone appreciates mustang its like a mustang appreciation group and i like that lol!

What knowledge/experience can you offer to our guild?
teach u to be propahh!!!(proper) i also teach you the DESTROYER infitie combo wink*

What are your interests?
*mustang appreciating
*looking at myself in the mirror (i am kind of very aesthetic to look at *smiles+winks*)
*i like daydreaming and pretending that i'm in a fantasy world kind of like *mariO* and i save princess poosh
*i also daydream that i am narutos long lost son and be a super secret ninja like but i also have bothe the sharigan and the rinegan and the 11th tail beast inside me + super saiyan 3d
*my colleges tell me i am very good at singing so i'm probablyu gonna be a pop singer
*k pop singer (i can sing in korean very well. *wink*

Anything else we should know about you?
i am really strong i am kind of like a gentelemen who protects his ladies
strong and reliable
very inteligent, also i am AMIABLE

Why should we recruit you?
honestly i dont think there are anu negatives about me and they are all positives
also i make women feel special in their own way
my closent friends call me a "male-succubus"