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    Attention Mercenaries!!

    There has been a lot of threads recently showing up about SmileGate West and our Glassdoor reviews.

    If you have not already seen it, the reviews can be found here:

    The history of Smilegate West is that we were originally G4Box Inc. We released CrossFire in early 2009. The game grew to become enormously popular.

    G4Box was bought by Smilegate , and our name officially changed to Smilegate West. As a result of the changes, the company also underwent a period of restructuring. This is normal for any company that is bought out.

    The restructuring is designed so that the company can survive for even longer. People are affected by the changes and it is not always in a positive way. Losing a job is not easy, and no one will ever say they are happy about losing a job that they liked to do.

    The recent trend for video game companies is restructuring. Companies are always looking for ways to save money, and video game development , management, and publishing are not cheap.

    For a great article on the full impact of this, please see the following:

    "Why Game Developers Keep Getting Laid Off" -->


    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    My personal opinion is that I hated having to say good bye to some of the people that were recently let go. They were more than co-workers, they are friends and confidants and comrades. Many of them taught me a lot about the video game industry, and how to do what I am doing now. I am not a poster-boy for this company, but I would not be working here if I did not feel that I am benefiting some how. I work hard because I like what I do and I like this game.

    - [GM]Juicebox, CrossFire Team, Smilegate West Employee
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