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Changes to CFBR License Agreements

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  • Changes to CFBR License Agreements

    Attention Mercenaries!!

    Current CrossFire situation in CFBR:

    The current licensing agreement for the CFBR service unfortunately does not include Egypt as one of the regions it is licensed to service. To properly address this issue, CFBR has restricted the account creation of any new accounts from the Egypt region.

    However, this does mean that any accounts that have already been created will still have access to the game.

    How does this effect CFNA:

    It doesn't. The license for CFNA has not changed. This means that we cannot make any changes at the moment. We would also like to reiterate that we DO NOT TOLERATE any hackers. It does not matter what region you are from, if you are hacking we will take action.

    That being said, we also realize that we are not doing an adequate enough job in keeping the hackers out of our game. This responsibility rests squarely on our shoulders. For this we do truly apologize, and we will be increasing our efforts in this regards.

    What we are doing against Hackers:

    - Hack Replays --> We are looking at them, but we are very very back logged, so please be patient.

    - XTrap Updates --> Currently they do not happen often enough. We are working with the developers and XTrap in order to find a longer lasting solution.

    - In Game Patrols --> They are still happening. Watch for GMs in game, and please save your replays!

    - Development --> We are also working with the developers in order to develop new systems which we hope will prove more effective than what we currently have.

    - Alternatives --> We are currently exploring other anti-cheat alternatives that will hopefully prove more useful. Please be patient as more of this develops.

    - Fun --> We will continue to try to create fun events for our players! Despite having hacking issues, we want the players who are in our game to have fun! Try the new tournament mode! Create one with a password so that only players you trust, or can trust, can participate! We will create events where you will need to be active on the forums in order to participate. We are going to be promoting more of the communities works, in their videos, or posts, or social media, or artwork, or screenshots! The players who play this game legitimately are the ones that we will focus on. They are the ones who we continually try our best for, and they are the ones that deserve to be rewarded.

    What we cannot do:

    - Ban Egypt --> Egypt is part of our current License Agreement, and will remain with CFNA for the time being. This may change in the future, but please do not expect it.

    - Stop programmers from creating Hacks --> If a person decided to create new hacking software, we as a company cannot do anything to stop him. People are free to create any program that they would like. If they are the type of people who want to ruin the enjoyment of others, or are the type of people who like to make others miserable, there is nothing we can do to change their personality.

    - Change a hacker's mind --> We cannot change the minds of the 'players' using hacks. They are the type of people who want to cheat to get ahead.
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