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A Public Service Announcement - Account Security

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  • A Public Service Announcement - Account Security

    A Public Service Announcement from Z8Games:


    The only people that will ever ask you for account information are located at And even then, the information will just be used to prove ownership of accounts.

    Recently we have seen a lot of users fall to scams from various places on the internet. Everyone should have a quick look over some of this information which will help keep your account secure in the long run.

    No one should be asking you for your account information in game. There is no way that a user should ever require this information.

    You can tell when something is a scam from the following:
    • When a user asks you for your login ID.
    • When a user asks you for your password.
    • When a user asks you for your Security Question Answer.
    • When a user asks you for your registered email.

    These 4 pieces of information should remain in your possession at all times and should never be given out to any other user.

    Other Information:

    1. No Z8Games staff, GM or Moderator, or any official person, whether they are impersonating or not will ever ask you for those 4 pieces of information anywhere outside of EVER.

    2. Z8Games do not send emails to you regarding accounts, game issues, hacking etc. You must go through Any email you receive asking about your account is a scam.

    3. Anyone offering you Free ZP is trying to scam you. Beware of this and do not give them any information!

    4. No website other than can give your account ZP.

    5. There are websites like Playspan or our Survey site or pre-paid cards that have offers, surveys or alternate methods of obtaining ZP. These websites are officially listed or are actually on the Z8Games official website. Any other website claiming to sell ZP is doing it illegally or trying to scam.

    6. No account should be given to anyone else. Even if you think you trust them.
    Account sharing is virtually impossible to figure out who owns the account. Other players of our games should not be trusted with your account. If they want to play the game they should have their own account. Not use yours.

    It is your own fault, if you give an account to someone and then lose the account. You cannot expect Z8Games to return an account to use at a later date because YOU GAVE IT AWAY.
    7. If you lose your account you will have to go to There you will have to follow their instructions and provide the exact information they request.

    Please note that account security is your own responsibility and that we may not be able to give back your account if we cannot prove it was yours to begin with.

    Thanks for reading and keep your account secure!

    [Former CrossFire Game Manager]
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